Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 1 month Birthday...

It's so hard to believe that today marks 1 month.. It has been one long month but then again it has also been one quick month if that makes any sense. I sat in Mackenzie's room this morning and realized that within 30 days, Scott and I became parents to twin girls, then we became angel parents to our sweet Alexis, it's been 30 days and 30 nights with our NICU family and pretty much my home away from home, I've overcome birth,death,joy, heartache, i think every emotion that is possible to have, i've had all in 30 days at some point or another.  I've realized that also in just 30 days, our diva's have impacted and touched so many lives in just such a short time without meeting more than 90% of the people who have supported us and who have prayed for us throughout our journey thus far.. I never realized how much our tiny little divas could impact so early on and while so small...They have given so much strength to so many with just their small fragile bodies..
Scott and I made it to the hospital today early enough to make it for Mackenzie's birth time. Oh what a birthday treat I got. I actually got to hold her on birthtime which is something that i have yet to be able to do. I got to kangaroo again (skin to skin hold) so that just made it even more special to me. It's only been the 3rd time holding her but  as every time has been special, it was extra special to know that at the same exact  moment i was holding her today,  just 30 days ago, i was giving her life. Scott and I sat there and I just rocked her as he got to read two Dr. Seuss books to her today..We all really loved that we got to read to her today..Before we know it we will get to be reading at home with her and showing her the pictures to the books.  She did so well on her saturation levels as we got to sit there and read and rock her. I got to hold her for 40 mins which is the longest time thus far.
They upped her feedings to .2 today so every hour she gets 1.2 cc's  of food. She has gained 2 ozs so now she weighs 1 lbs 15 oz.. The doctor said she is the 3% of where she needs to be which i guess isn't too bad but then again not sure what is a good percentile and what's not.. She is still having the PDA mumur but it's still stable.. Our little "pumpkin" is still a little tinted orange but i'll take her as is. Still no poop since friday so we are now waiting for that again..
Happy Birthday!!!

We also got to see Alexis today and took her some new flowers. We told her how we got to hold Mackenzie but I know that i was holding her also. We told her how we finally found a place to do her headstone and we hope that she really likes it. We told her that we read to Mackenzie and soon we will get to doing the same with her. We told her just bear with us as we are still squring things away but we know that she is with us at all times. We love and miss her every second of everyday and nothing will ever change that..

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Mackenzie and Alexis
Happy Birthday to you..

Love Mommy and Daddy.. 

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