Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Millions of Thanks..

I really dont even know where to begin with thank yous for all the overwhelming support of so many people. Our lives are even being touched from people we dont even know by all the prayer requests that have continued to go out.  We even got a gift card from a lady all the way in New York, Margaret Gillespe, as she is a friend of our neighbor, Katie, who has been keeping all her friends uptodate on what is going on with the girls. And then a lady that our friend Christie Tull knows, Ms. Erna Ruff, she knitted the girls bright, beautiful hats and blankets.
Between the meals, cards, phone calls, visits, prayers request, updated status, we truly do not know where we would be without all the support and prayers. i truly wish there is a way I could repay everyone who has helped in so many ways and hopefully in due time I will be able to once the girls are able to come home and we get settled.. All the support has meant more to us than everyone would ever really know. So please accept this blog for now as a Million Thanks filled with lots of love and hugs for all those who have helped with everything from meals to support. We have been so overwhelmed with all the love that we just dont even know where to begin. Our girls thank you as well as everyone has helped keep mommy and daddy semi sane through this hard time as we continue to just go day by day.
And please to those who have helped, please do not take offense for me just singling out just one for now, but I wanted to mention and a huge Thanks to not only our neighbor but our girls godmother Katie Harrison.  She has been on this road with us from day one of conception and continues to journey with us without any hestation on help. While i was in the hospital she kept up with the dogs, ran all the errands that needed to be done, she even did and folded all our luandry and put them away, cleaned the house before i came home. She has just always been there with no questions asked. Even as i travel back and forth to the hosptial she is always letting the dogs out in the middle of the night and she continues to spoil the girls even though thye are not home. She is doing all of this while maintaing her household and getting her kids ready for back to school.. She is truly our rock and we love you so much Katie as i know you are reading this.

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