Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Snuggling In..

The past two nights I've gotten to stay with the girls all nights. Scott had to go back to work and I really didnt want to say home by myself. So our friend Clay picks me up on his way to work and drops me off and then on his way home which has been a huge help since I'm still unable to drive. So the key is to staying awake because I know if i go to sleep then I would keep Scott up for when he comes home and that's not fair to him.. Both nights the nurses and respitory therpaist didnt think I had it in me to stay up all night so needless to say they were shocked to see me stay up till 5 am.
Thanks to my awesome NICU nursesKatie Beth and Rachel and the RT- Randy and another nurse, Trinia- they helped make the time go by pretty quick for me and  kept me company. They are so super nice and makes me feel very welcomed and comfortable.   Katie Beth is so super awesome. She was in also over the weekend so when i had to go home, the next day i came back and she drew the colorful name tags that are on the girls "bubbles". Katie Beth and Rachel both let me changed both girls all night long so I'm getting better at that. Alexis makes it a little more difficult as she does not like it and kicks here little legs out like there is no tomorrow.  Rachel had me assist giving a little bath tonight but I made her do majority as I am still so nervous to touch them very much. But it is truly awesome that they let me particpate with things when the chance comes up. When you first see the room, I would have never thought i would get to interact with my girls until they come out of the "bubble" so for them to let me touch and hold my girls is truly amazing. They are giving me such priceless moments that i dont think i could ever show them how much i truly appreciate what they do for me and for our girls.
The girls are doing really good with feedings. We will be at 5 cc's  of breastmilk here by 12 a.m. They increase half a cc every 12 hours as long as they are tolerating it well. I love that it hasn't even been two weeks and we are having good signs that they are doing well with feedings. I didnt think they would get increased for weeks out.
Brain scan results still haven't come back yet. Doc said it could be 24 hour and i guess since they didnt do till 1 am yesterday we wont hear back till tomorrow. Doc gave good words though and said that they are doing very well considering that they were only 25 weeks and 1 day and considering how small they are. But he said that things could changed but for now they are doing better than expected. Just gotta keep praying that the PDA closes up and that will increase the chances of them coming off the ventilators.
I wish i had way more pics at night  as they snuggle them in to sleep but due to the darkness and no flash policy i'm not really able to take any. They keep their bubbles dark and covered up and lights down to help mimic them in the womb.  Every 3 hours they try to "flip them" (change their position) but they just make them such sleeping beautys at night. They are just so peaceful and you can see it in their faces. And trust me they will show it in their faces when they are not happy.
Through all the dings and beeps that go on, although those are just beginning to sound like the t.v. to me, I can never get enough of just sitting back on the couch adn looking at the one little slot in each bubble I get to leave open as they sleep and seeing them kick their legs for no reason. Especially little Miss Alexis, i swear that child is going to be a gymnaist. They will just kick their little feets out like they were kung fu fighting in there. Its to funny.. As each day go pass, it's just another day closer to them coming home to where we can all get snuggled in together at home... Can't wait for that day to get here.. till then, Ill just take what I can get at each passing hour in our little "home away from home. "..

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