Tuesday, August 9, 2011


On Saturday, August 6, our little miracles turned 1 week old.. Scott and I woke up rushing to try to make it to the hospital in  time for their first little birthday time but when we got here they wre getting their iv's all changed out so we had to wait. We missed their birth times  by a few mins but as soon as we got in here, I sang Happy Birthday to both of them one at a time. It was kind of crazy to know that a week has already passed and I'm sure it will continue to keep going just as fast.
But what really done it for me is that not only was it their 1 week birthday but it was the FIRST time I got to hold one of our girls, it was the FIRST time i got to change one of the girls, it was my FIRST time i got a actual picture with  my girls and it was our FIRST actually "family pic" with one of our girls. All of this couldn't have been possible with the best weekend nurse that we love so dearly cause she gave me all these precious moments with my girls. Tonya Gleaton was the NICU nurse and I can't wait and hope that we get her each weekend as she gave me moments I will NEVER ever forget.  It made their first 3 days (which makes me really sad cause i will never be able to get those days back) that I missed out on being on so many meds just fade away..

Daddy holding Alexis

Mommy holding Mackenzie

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