Saturday, August 20, 2011

Goodbye is not forever...

Today we laid our sweet baby girl Alexis to rest. On her 3 week birthday, although with heavy hearts, we still wanted to celebrate the life she lived and the life she gave us. Her service was done with such beauty and grace. I not only cried tears of sadness but tears of peace as I know she is dancing in the heavens above. Chaplin Lee said the right words that helped me through some of sadness, he said that at 25 weeks they already had such personailty. I never thought i would be able to smile but when he said  but I knew that's what Alexis wanted me to do. She  was so full of personality even though so small and fragile. She truly was such diva as to always compete with her sister for attention. She showed us that she knew we were always there by always opening her eyes for us daily and looking right at us (although we know she wasn't able to see us clearly, we still knew and could feel that she knew it was us)  She always let us know that she was a little gymnaist with her flexing and kicking of her feet and arms.She let us know when she did or did not like something. She showed us what a fighter she was by overcoming her daily obstacles. She still continues to show us her strength by instilling it in us and we know that it is what is keeping our little Mackenzie still going strong.
 Although taken from us physically, she will be forever in our hearts. So we know that our goodbye is not forever as we will see her in time, but we will always find peace in knowing that she  is watching over us and continues to keep us going.

R.I.P. Alexis Rose Barber- we love you so much- mommy, daddy, and mackenzie

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