Thursday, August 11, 2011

Visiting the Miracles..

I swear i feel like a broken record but then I forget who all I talk to and who all i dont so I figured i would just write about it for all my bloggers and I know vistors to come. And as I've spoken to some about visiting, I totallyunderstand for those who have not visited yet that kind of shocked us, but have explained that they know they will not be able to handle seeing the girls the way they are. That is totally understandable as it is still hard for me at moments, but the support just helps just as much.
But as most of everyone knows, Baptist is such a confusing hospital... So here is a tip on the easiest way to find us if you would like to visit:

Park in the Sumter Street parking garage. When you come across the crosswalk, you are going to go to the left and you will see Elevator D. Take that elevator to 4th floor, when you get off, you go to the left, pass the nusery and vear towards the left and you will see the NICU doors. You will have to get buzz in, which you will see the intercom on the right side. Please be aware though, Children under 13 are NOT allowed in the NICU, and we are only allowed 2 visitors at a time.  Vistors are only allowed if Scott and I are there so everyone has our cellphone number so please just coordinate with us from there.

The girls and us appreciate all the visits as most will see when they get there.. Its like they begin to show off.. But that is why they are the little Divas that they are...

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