Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another hurdle down...

We found out today for our morning call that Mackenzie needed to get the  Broviac catherer surgery. So of course I started to panick when i heard the word surgery. And of course we pretty much rushed right up here once we heard that.  I have heard of the surgery before as Alexis had to get it done prior to her surgery so i knew it was something that she would have benifited from but it still scared me so bad. But pretty much what it is,  its a central iv line. They keep having to poke her to find a good vein for her different iv's and her little arms just got to the point to where there were no good veins in her arm. So by doing the surgery, they would either put it in her leg or her shoulder/neck area depending on where the surgeron thought it should go.. With the Broviac catherer they dont have to stick her as much and since they stopped her food once again, the sugar/protein etc iv that is she is on to give her nutrients will be able to get to alot better and hopefully start putting some weight on her.. She will have it for a while until they are able to get her back up on feeds again but it will benifit from it a lot better. Her surgery went well and didnt last as long as they told us it would. There was no complications with the surgery. The line is in her leg and doesn't look as bad as i thought it was going to be. She is peacefully sleeping on her stomach right now which she loves. They said she did really well with it and her oxgyen levels stayed really high throughout the whole thing.. Our prayers were answered with just another hurdle behind us..
I hate she had to get a "surgery" and it just made me uneasy all day.. I just felt in a daze and just couldn't get it together. But i got to come back by myself as scott is still a little under. I had to hold my Mackenzie bug. I just needed to be close to her so i asked the nurse if it was ok that i kangaroo her. (where they put her directly on my chest- skin to skin contact) and she told me that i would be able too... It took about 30 mins for them to get her all set up as it takes a bit to get all the wires/tubes together but after all of it, i got to just rock with just me and her and her little sound machine that we got her. The nurse put her on my chest and I have never felt so at ease.. I sat and just told her about my day and how daddy was home sick. I told her how much we loved her and i explained to her about her surgery today. Told her how daddy sold his car that he loved so much but the fact that he loved her and alexis so much more.. She got a kick out of that as she just wiggled her little butt around.. She did so well as we just sat and talked. Her levels stayed high. I didnt get to hold her but fur 10-15 mins top as i didnt want to overdo it as she had to get ready for surgery..
Holding her is exactly what I needed today and i can't wait to have another priceless  mommy and daughter moment  again..

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