Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm just being a Mom..

I've gotten so many touching emails/texts/facebook comments/messages stating how they have been touched by my blog and how strong I am being etc... and for me. I dont know. I am touched by peoples words and apprecaite them but for me I just feel like i'm doing what any mom/parent would do(wow that's still a little hard to believe that i'm actually a mom to two twin girls) ...Most people know i dont accept compliments well.. so it's a little hard.. I gotta stay strong, I can't let this break me because if it does, that's not going to get my anywhere..Yeah dont get me wrong, there are days when it is very hard to just sit here and look at my divas in their bubble and I can't even handle when they have to move them with their tubes in their mouths,and to know i just have to sit back and watch.. But there is not a day that will go by  that I will ever miss a day with my girls while they are in here fighting the fight. My little divas are going through the hardest part so I need to keep them going by staying strong.  I cant really cry about it cause I know my girls are feeling my every sense and I want them to feel that mommy is going strong and not being sad.. It's just another obstacles  that we have to overcome in life. And it is a obstacles we will overcome with flying colors.
alot has also mentioned "thank you" for sharing my story and writing about it.. I've gone through life trying to stay semi private about certain things although most know i'm very vocal. But going through infertilty/ivf, it tought me more than I could ever imagined. At first it was something i didnt want to talk about because I just felt it wasn't anyone elses business, but as some began to share their story with me, I began to share my story with them. When i started opening up about infertility and our journey i was truly amazed of how so not alone I was..  Even being in the hospital, I realized that pretty much majority of the nurses I met have gone down the same road as we had. For a while i think people at first start blaming themseleves because it's just not happening to them ya know, but then when you finally start letting go, it's like you are truly not as alone as you thought you were. So for everyone reading, never be afraid to tell your story regardless of what story it is because most likely you will touch at least one other person life just by doing so...

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