Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Rock, Our Heart, Our Guy

Scott and I have been together for 11 years now and in 11 years you go through your ups and downs as all couples do.. There's always good times and there's always bad times but as long as you do it together you get stronger and stronger together.
As most of everyone knows, i am the control freak in our relationship and the orgainzer. I was always the one pulling stuff together and handling everything at mutilple rates.. Although Scott is not the only child, he kind of grew up that way and I always say that he has the "only child syndrome"..
The past week and half, Scott has manage to surpass my expectations and he was the glue that kept me going and the glue that continues to keep me going as well as our little miracles. I never imagine loving him anymore than I what I already do, never thought it would be possible, but now i see anything is possible.
Scott, although overwhelmed with everything, held it together while i was in the hospital and dealt with all the phone calls, texts, facebook, and vistors, all while trying to make sure i was ok, got me anything i needed when i needed and then once the girls came into this world, he managed to go in between all 3 of us. He managed to do all of this on hardly no sleep either as it was very hard for him to sleep inbetween all the nurses in and out and me freezing him out due to having to keep room super cold cause i was so hot with all the meds.
From day one of their birth he ran the halls between me and them. He knows more about all the lines and all the details to whats going on with the girls more than I do. He knows almost all the nurses in the NICU area where i am slowly beginning to know only a handful.  He is trying to maintain the house, and makes sure that i get all the rest and recovery I need. He does all of this without a single moan, gripe or groan.
Daddy holding Alexis, perfect pic because his bracelet if you look close enough says "strong"

His face lights ups everytime we come and see the girls but you can also see the worry on his face but he pushes through and stays strong for all of us..  WE love you  more than you will ever know honey and we are so happy to have you as my husband and their father. Thank you for everything.

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