Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its the Waiting Game..

I've never been a patient person so it's been hard playing the waiting game on whats to come next for our little Divas or what test results needs to come in.  But when I'm with the girls I have a calm that comes over me but when I'm not with them, i feel like i begin to lose my mind.. Time stands still when i'm away from them but with them, it feels like i just got there only to turn around and leave. Today felt lke one of those days that I jsut didnt get enough time with them. Scott and I have been on the constant go all day.. I'm fighting really hard not to get in the car and go back to the hospital but I promised Scott that we have got to do better at getting sleep.. 4 hours a day of sleep with constant running is not going to benifit our girls in the long run. It's really hard though to stay away and not feel guilty. It's a work in progress.. just gotta keep telling myself, they are ok while i'm gone.
We had our first baby shower today thanks to Robin Walters. Got all such cute little things for the girls.. It was a little strange having a shower though knowing my girls were already here and that i couldn't share the shower with them but I know they are going to love all the things everyone gave us once they came home. We only had prep time for a crib so we are very thankful to have more to share with them.
Both girls have gained a little extra weight. Mackenzie is now at 1lbs 9 oz and Alexis is at 1 lbs 13 oz. We also got to meaure them which they both grew  1/4 inch. Both of them had to get a blood tranfusion which brought Mackenzie skin color a little back to normal. She is up and down still but she is a lot more stable today. I got to change her and brush her hair today which she totally loves.  She decided though that I didnt change her diaper faster enough and tinkled all in her bed.. Alexis decided to make daddy feel even more like the poopy king as when he went in to change her, he realized she had a poopy diaper, in the process of him changing her, he fast learned she was not done.. When he thought she was done, as soon as he went in to put the new diaper on yea, she wasn't.. it was all so funny watching daddy handle such a  blow out..
The doctors have now ordered Mackenzie to have another brain scan which will not be done till Tuesday so that means we wont know the results until friday probably. They suspect that a bleed could have possibly formed on her brain  and that is why her levels dropped so low or there is a possible infection brewing so they are just going to montior her for now and run more blood work on her periodically to see what happens. They said she has been doing so well on her oxgyen to why the drop so drasitcally didnt make sense so it's the waiting game to see what possibly caused it.. They have started her on a antibotic just incase of infection but only time will tell.. They say it could be a minor bleed just like Alexis has and only time will tell on when her bleed closes up.  It's the waiting game on as they develop, how long will it take everything else to fix itself but I hope to grow the patiences that is needed though cause i would rather things fix themselves than have the doctors have to go in and surgically do it.. I'm counting each day as another blessing....

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