Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 weeks and in just a blink of a eye..


I can't believe that today marks our little diva's two week birthday.. It just seems like yesterday they just came into this world, but it still makes me very excited to know that we got two weeks put behind us.. We just have to keep going..
I dont know if i could ever write enough of how much i love our weekend nurse, Tonya Gleaton.. I swear she wears a hidden halo. She gives us such priceless moments than we could ever imagine and has touched our lives more than she will ever know. On their first 1 week birthday, she allowed us to briefly hold them as they got weight and she gave us our first little "family pic" with mackenzie, well today for their 2 week birthday she gave us even a better gift. We got to hold our little divas both for a period of time today. Although still on the ventailators and wrapped up in their beds, they worked it out to where we could sit in the rocking chair and rock our sweet divas all while everything stayed intacted. I wanted to cry but I didnt want to get tears all over our girls as we both took turns to hold them. I can't even begin to describe the feelings I had when they first started with Alexis and they put her in my arms. Alexis didnt open her eyes, but she kept gripping my fingers and bunching up her little face whenever the camera took a pic.. (maybe the sound did it for her) but she knew we were there. 
Alexis holding our fingers.

Close up of Alexis holding our hands
Daddy getting some Alexis time..

After we got dont with Alexis time, little Miss Mackenzie was letting us know that she was not happy about not getting any attention. I'm telling you, they compete now, Lord only knows how bad it's going to get when they come home. :0)
Mackenzie opened her eyes as soon as they put her in my arms.. Its like she knew exactly where she was and what was going on.. She looked up at me and I just had to hold tears back cause i was afraid to move and again, ididnt want to get tears all over her.. although i know she doesn't really see me, that feeling though that she knows just comforts me and touches my heart even more..
It was daddys' turn to hold Mackenzie and Scott just talked and talked.. She is sooo daddy's girl because she was just responding so well to Scott holding her. All so well that when it was time for her to go back in her bed, the nurse actually was able to smell a poopy diaper.. Mackenzie had the best bowel movement by far which is exciting. I'm sure I wont be saying that when they get home but while in the NICU they can have as many as they want as that is such a good thing.

Mackenzie looking up at me..

Daddy with Mackenzie..

After all the happiness settled, a hour later in just in a blink of a eye Mackenzie went downhill. Not sure still what happened, but Tonya went in for a feeding and just to check things and Mackenzie oxgyen saturation just started dropping.. They tried to start giving her breaths but for some reason she just wasn't responding well and kept dropping. The goal is to keep them at least at a min. of 85% rate, Mackenzie dropped all the way to 12%. My heart just stopped because then she started turning really white and there was nothing I could do.. I just had to stand back and let the nurses do what they do. Tonya called the doctor in and he came and checked her out, the next step was to decrease her feeding for that hour and get some test results done. There was a possibilty of infections or it could just have been with in layman terms, her iron. But we had to wait at least another hour for results. So they got her stable before we had to leave and off to home we went for Scott to get ready for work.
So home we went and I tried to put it out of my mind and just kept thinking things were going to be ok. I really felt a meltdown was about to happen because again, it was such a scary moment that there was nothing i could do anything about.  I put my trust in Tonya and I knew that she would call us asap with anything. My sister took me to target to get my mind off things while Scott tried to get a 30 min nap, and as soon as I got back, the hour was up so we called to find out the results. All we really know or what can be explained is that needed a blood transfusion. (there is just a lot medical term that goes along with it) but in short pretty much, i understood it to be that, she has low iron so when the blood and the oxgyen near their brains don't work right together, then it can send them into a spiral in just a blink of a eye.
As of now, she got a blood tranfusion and she is stable.. her color  has come back and on her recent feeding she was back to 8 cc which is good.. so for now.. hopefully she stays that way...

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