Monday, August 22, 2011

Our little divas are letting us know they are ok.. ..

With everything going on, I have done poorly about updating about our little Mackenzie bug. So as she continues to keep me going, hopefully i can get back on track with EVERYTHING soon.. But our little diva bug has been doing pretty well since Sat. (We know her sister has given her everything she needs) but her oxygen levels have been doing well. Although she has an infection, they have been treating that with antibotics and she has been responding well but it will just take a few days to clear up. She was having a little gas issue in her tummy but that seems to have finally started to pass. Her daily x-rays have gotten a lot better so now she doesn't have to get one tomorrow. They did stop her feedings to clear up on the fluid on her lungs and to work with the antibotics/infection but she still manage to gain 20 grams with just her sugar/protein etc iv. But good news to report today though, she got to go back on feedings.. She is starting off very slow, but at least she got to go back on breastmilk.  She had a ekg today and that showed she is still stable even though she still has the PDA issue.. But until that actually starts negatively affecting her, we just wait for now. We just take it day by day to see how she keeps progressing. She is going to actually try to come off the ventilator tomorrow and on to the cpap (pretty much where she can breathe on her own but with just a little bit of help from the machine but more so on her own) She also gained a 1/4 in more in length.. Overall the doctors say she is clinically really good but we still hold our breaths with each checkup and phone call just due to the fact that we have been in this spot before and it's just hard for us as things can just so quickly change. But we know her sister is with her and we are counting our blessings.

I've always believed in signs and boy is our little angel Alexis letting us know she is with us and that she made it to heaven ok. First sign, Scott and i went to church yesterday and went to visit her gravesite, it was 1215pm and as everyone knows how hot it was with no breeze, as we sat there talking to her, a gush of wind just blew straight towads us and stayed for a few seconds and then went away, Then as soon as we got in the car and headed out, the dedication song we played at her funeral came on.  Second sign, my little nephew Blake told his mommy, "mommy, I want to draw aunt juju babies" just totally out of the blue. When he finished the drawing, Holli looked at it, and he drew two little girls, and one little girl had wings and he even put a "A" on the little girl with the angel wings. Holli and Rich haven't explained to him what has happend as he is only 3. Third sign today, i was on my way to exchange some duplicate baby items to get mackenzie some stuff while in the nicu (she can have her own recieving blankets and burp cloths as bedding- which i had none yet for her and wanted her to have her own personal stuff and a new thermontor as the Mackenzie does not like the hospital one as it takes way to long) so while driving to babies r us, i looked up and asked Alexis if it was ok i took some of her stuff and exchanged to get Mackenzie some stuff, and i looked up as soon as i asked, and one single small bird just flew across the sky. I drove home and when Scott and I got back in the car to come to hosptial, there was a small white/grayish feather on the hood of my car. Just one single feather..

Its amazing how my girls are getting me thru everything in their own special way...I love you baby girls.. forever and always..

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