Monday, August 15, 2011

Good over the bad...

Well little Miss Mackenzie has a infection. They say that could be what caused her to have the drop the other day so drastically or it could be a bleed on the brain has formed but until they get the brain scan again tomorrow and we get the results, then right now we will take the infection. She is being treated with antibotics which could last anywhere between 7-10 days depending on what the infection does. They are both stable. Alexis is doing well. Nothing bad to report on her which is good thing.
Overall though, even though the bad news of the infection came today,  the doctor also reported very good news . They told us that the girls are really really close to going to full feeds which means currently right now, they are getting breastmilk, but with their iv's they are also getting sugar and protien, etc.. But going full feeds will take them completely off the extra stuff and it be just straight breastmilk. Doc said for them to be so little and as young as they are, that they are really suprise to how well they have been doing with their feeds. It normally takes preemies a little bit longer to get to full feed so for the girls to only be 2 weeks old and be about 2 days away from full feed is exceptionally a good thing. They are still swinging with their oxgyen but they are staying lowing pretty low on the ventilator oxgyen which is also a good thing. They also got their pic line also taken out today as they said that might help close the PDA and also might help heal infection so  that's one less things in the girls but just back to the waiting game with everything.. But as i keep saying, i will take all the bad news as good news because that means there are other options to get them better than surgery and surgery is what we dont want at all..

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