Monday, August 8, 2011

What makes them a little extra special..

Our little divas didnt come easily into this world not only at birth but also at conception.  As some might be unaware, we had to create our little miracles via IVF.  After not being on the pill for almost 8 years and nothing happening, the doctors kept putting it off as I was taking on to much and putting to much stress on my body. Between work full time, school full time, work part time, i could see it, but not understand it. So finally after graduation, We had a HSG done (pretty much where they pump dye into my tubes to see if they are closed), it showed that the left tube was wide open and the right was a little slow but without surgery they coudln't tell exactly so it was pretty much take it easy and see what happens. I promise Scott I would take it easy, but then it was a year of planning for my high school reunion and so there was no rest for that year. Finally a year of doing nothing but relaxing and trying not to take on to much.
After that, and no baby on our own, our doc, Dr. John Moore fianlly said, i'm gonna referral you out to Dr.Whitman-Elia at Advance Fertilty.  We had our first doc appt in Feb. 2010.  From then on it was a serious of test after test to try to figure out what was going on with us. Scott checked out to be just fine, so it was blood work after blood work for me.  The only thing that really stood out was that my thyroid  antibodies were really high thus affecting my TSH levels..  So from there, i started synthroid to help treat the anitbodies and hopefully bring down my TSH levls down to where it was at a good rate to concieve which was between a 1-2. Mine was at about a 2-3.. My levels went up and down for months and still no baby. They gave us till sept and then till dec and still nothing so finally in december, we were told that our only option was IVF.
So I started on birth control pills to help stop my period. I know right, how weird that to try to get pregnant, you actually had to go on birth control pills first. So now fast foward to Feb, 2011, and it was time to start the actual IVF treaments (pretty much shots after shots)
I started getting shots everyday to stimulate my ovaries and start creating eggs.. Thank God for friends like Clay, who was able to give me shots when Scott wasn't home and showed Scott when our dosages changed how to properly do things cause you have to do all the shots on your own at home.  I was probably getting i believe about 3 shots a day in my belly.. And on certain days, i had to go in and get a ultrasound to make sure i wasn't overstimulating my ovaries and that everything was on track with the dosage of medcines they had me on. My dosages would change depending on how my ovaries were reacting.

Our girls at 3 days old. These were the eggs that got transferred back into me.

Getting ultrasounds while your ovaries are stimulating were not very fun either.. Then finally comes egg retrieveal day. They were able to retrieve 8 eggs from but you have to wait about 3 days to see which ones still survives for the transfer. So after our 3 days, we only had 3 that survived but then only 2 made it to the actual transfer day. We only needed one to take so we stayed positive and held out hope. They transferred the two eggs in and after that started more shots but this time intramuscular (in my back right above my butt) with a 22 gauge needle.. Needless to say ouch.. then went on for a series of two weeks i believe and then it was pregnancy test day.. THE BIG DAY..
I took a half day at work cause I really didnt want to get the big call and be at work if it turned out to be bad news. But then it sucked because Scott couldn't get off from work and we wanted to do it together so either way i had to wait longer than I wanted to. I went in first thing that morning to give blood and then you have to wait till mid afternoon for the "phone call".. So Scott and I agreed to not answer the call and wait to listen to the message together..
But really everyone who knows me knew that wasn't possible for me.. good or bad i had to know.. and finally to hear those words.. "you are pregnant'.. it was just indescrible. I always pictured how i would tell Scott that we were pregnant and when we started IVF , that took the suprise out of it, but now since i heard the message before him i went into suprise mode.. I kept calling him and telling him to hurry home, he still had 3 hours on shift, and i kept on and on even though i knew. I went out to party city and got ballons and all kinds of baby decorations and i went to old navy and bought a elmo onesise and a batman onesise. got home and started deocratiing his room..
He finally got home and i told him to go ahead and get settled in so that way we could sit and listen together so we could prepare. He walked into his room and his face was priceless.. He couldn't believe I didnt wait for him but was so happy to find out we were finally pregnant..

"His "i can't believe you didnt wait for me look and the excitement that we were pregnant"

You would think that the shots would have stopped though but doing IVF, you still want to make sure weeks after transfer and confirmation and  you still do everything you can to keep the baby stronger, so i had to stay on progesterone in the oil shots intramuscular which just got worse and worse each day. My whole lower back just felt so bruised.  But we at least had to make it to our 6 week u/s to make sure the baby still took.  I told Scott that if this round of IVF failed at some point, I just dont know if i had it in me to do it again. Our 6 weeks u/s came up and thus the confirmation of our two little divas.
Our little divas..

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