Friday, August 12, 2011

27 Weeks Gestational Age

It's hard to believe in less than 2 hours, our little divas are going to be 2 weeks old. Today they turned 27 weeks gestational age.  Today they have been pretty stable. Which to me is always good news cause it means just another day down without any bad news. Little miss Mackenzie decided today though that she wanted to pull one of her tubes out of her mouth today so she had to skip one of her feeding due to the reflux of what she spit out. But they are now getting feeding increases every 8 hours instead of 12 so that is pretty awesome.. (and just to clarify, they get fed every 3 hours, but on the 8th hour of feedings, they will get increased 1/2 cc increase to see how they tolerate). Alexis opened up her eyes a good bit today.. which was super cute when scott and i left for our afternoon trip home.. She just looked up at use and focused on us for a little bit.. Mackenzie is still working on that one eye she can't get open but slowly but surely she is working it.. When we got home from our morning trip, i never thought i would get excited over the smallest thing but the girls social security cards came in the mail today and i jsut got so giddy.. I can't believe they alraedy have little social security cards.. too adorable.. wish i could frame them but i know we will need them down the road. :0)
Scott got to change another poopy diaper today. He just amazes me because I thought from the get go he would be so scared and hesistant.. And he is just a tiny bit but he is getting to be such a pro at it without any hestation.
Doctor gave me a night report and he is hoping to try to get them off the ventilator here really soon. He said they have had low oxygen levels here lately that it's worth a try. I asked about the PDA valve though and he said that yeah that could play a factor but it's still worth a try to do since they are staying pretty low on levels. I told him fine with me becuase i'm ready to "kangaroo" with my girls (where i hold them skin to skin) but that i dont want to rush things. I still can't get over that they aren't even quite 2 weeks old yet and they are doing so well on the feeding increases. Not to much for me to report on tonight with their conditions but that works for me as it's just one day closer to them coming home..
And a word of advice to all the new mommies to come up, make you sure you understand your short term disability and fmla inside and out oh and insurance payments when out.. I got so mind boggled today on everything it was unreal. But needless to say, I will be out for the next 6 weeks regardless cause if i dont take, then i'm just gonna lose so since i'm approved, I'm gonna be in the NICU way more once I can drive. Ill spend as much time with them here as once they come home, I can stay home for 6 weeks, but i wont get paid and after seeing the "this is not a bill" already from the hospital,(just for my wonderful stay) there is no way I can take 6 weeks unpaid.. Lets just saying i'm counting my blessing that we have insurance and hopefully the "pending amount" is a huge dent. wowizers.

Alexis laying on her tummy..

Daddy going in for a diaper change today.

Daddy holding Alexis finger after getting her adjusted

Didnt get to get any of Mackenzie today as that is when she pulled out her tube and they had to get her all cleaned up and it was time for us to head hom for the morning/afternoon. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. yes, short term disability & FMLA (although great in theory) is a joke. early in my pregnancy, i researched it and fainted when i found out how much, scratch that: little i'd be getting (STD)--very disappointing. its times like that, i kinda wish i had stayed active duty and know when i take 6 weeks off--it's with full pay and not BS flag raising. luckily--i guess-- i won't have to use too much since my leave will fall right in place with the winter holiday break. i'm also hoping since i have med insurance thru my primary job AND the air national guard, our bill won't be so painful. but i feel ya on the FMLA & STD "insurance".