Saturday, August 20, 2011

Words of gratitude..

Scott, myself and Mackenzie can not even begin or even know where to begin to express our gratitude of all the support we have been giving over the past 3 weeks and especially in the past few days of such time of sorrow. Sooo many people have reached out to us, from the ones we know to ones we have never even met and we are so forever grateful. Alexis touched so many people lives in such a short time and it really has shown over the past few days. Thank you so much from the bottoms of our heart to everyone far and near for showing us so much love and support. We know that we are not  alone and that brings comfort to our pain.  Everyone showed us that it doesn't take being blood related to be family. Thank you for being our family..
A special thank you as well to our NICU family. Thank you for making us feel so loved and supported by all the words and cards of sympathy, and by attending her services.  We know so many babies come in and out of the NICU but you guys made us feel like she just wasn't another baby on the job that yall had to tend to. Ya'lls love and support went outside the walls of the NICU floor and it was something we never imagined. Yall treated and loved her like your own and we will always be grateful for the care yall gave Alexis in her 2 weeks and 3 days she was in your presence. Thank you very much also for taking extra care of our little Mackenzie as we have had to grieve and handle everything in the past few days.
Such support from everyone,  i believe gave Scott the strength to keep me going when i felt like i couldn't go anymore. He is such my rock and that truly is what he is has been. He constantly reminds me when i'm at my weakest, that we still have Mackenzie and we still need to keep going strong for her. Althought so worn and exhausted, he still came and checked on Mackenzie in the late hours when i was unable to. He's allowed me to grieve but now he has gotten me to the point where my grieve is passing and now I can cope.I love you more than you will ever know. Together we will get thru this and together we will stay strong.

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