Thursday, September 29, 2011

The fight in my little pumpkin..

Our little Mackenzie just keeps amazing me every step of the way.. Today's post will be a combination of what happened yesterday and what has gone on so far today as it's just so much excitement. Yesterday they reduced her oxygen flow from a 1.5 to a 1. She did pretty well on it with staying on room air the whole day and only had a few oxygen dips mainly because she was refluxing or pulling out her feeding tube.. i swear that child.. They also decided to up her feedings to 1 extra cc so she is now at 26 cc's for one hour and off for 2 hours.
As of last night our little pumpkin weighed in at 3 lbs 1 oz.. wahoo.. she is doing it.. we were still shocked to see that extra oz as she has been doing really good with her bowel movements and all. So hopefully she will just keep it going..
This morning when day shift and all were coming in and once into their shift. I got some exciting news. Well more so a picture, BUT.. they are going to try her out today without the nasal cannula. She is going to get to breathe on her own. They started her at 9:15 am. and so far she has done good. This is such a big step as we didnt think this would happen for a while. But she keeps pulling it out anyways and most times when she does pull it out, she stays pretty high on her oxygen saturation so i'm excited that we finally get to try. She might wear herself out on it but that's ok because we tried at least and we will just keep trying until she can permanantly come off. But heres to hoping that today starts her permanantly coming off of it. She is also getting a ultrasound today which we are little confused today as we dont think it's right but Scott is waiting for the doctor to stop by. They said the order is for them to look at her kidneys but we never recall that there was a issue with her kidneys or at least not that they told us about. So we are thinking they might just have it mixed up with her gall bladder as we knew that was a issue when she was on iv fluid only so hopefully that's all it is and all checks out.. so till tomorrow as we gear up for another eye exam... we are just going to enjoy her being off the nasal cannula .. wahoo..

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