Sunday, September 4, 2011

Off to the races Mackenzie goes..

I'm telling you, it's something about Sundays but I think Alexis gives us a extra reward each Sunday.. We love going and seeing Alexis each sunday, we showed her pictures of Mackenzie and how she is coming along, we told her how we hate right now we dont get to see her that much but once we get Mackenzie home, we will be a lot more often, even with Mackenzie. And boy let me tell you, i think she is helping speed up that process. Alexis knows mommy and daddy love and miss her so much but she knows we gotta get Mackenzie better and home.
To our happy surprise this morning, we get a Good morning text from our nurse Tonya who is so awesome and captures all these awesome moments that we arent able to be there for but she sent us a picture of our little pumpkin and scott and i both looked at each other and you would have thought we were about to fall out of the bed. Our little pumpkin made it to a nasal cannula. Pretty much its a smaller machine but she is breathing even more on her own right now. (it's looks just like, ya know how when you need oxygen and you get the nose prongs, that's what she is on) The prongs fit her so much better than anything else and you can see so much of her face now. So far she has done so well on it, she has been on room air majority of the day. Since we got Tonya and Becky, RT, of course we got to kangaroo today.. It was so much easier holding her with not so much tubing to have to worry about. We didnt get to hold her very long though but we still got a little skin on skin contact.
Kangarooingon the nasal cannula..

Our little pumpkin actually lost 2 ozs but it's ok because she had 4 poopy diapers.. Which is so what we wanted and needed so it is a good sign that she is blowing it up. hehehe.. But as you know also, Sunday is also measurement days so our little pumpkin grew a big 1 1/4 inch.. She is now  14 1/4 inch.  She is also up to 4.5 cc's of food a hour and in the morning she is going up again on feedings. Meredith is our nurse tonight and she said as long as her food continues to go up then her iv fluids will also start to decrease. They also stopped the humidty in her bed which is just another step up.. Her skin is getting so much better so she is no longer needing the humidty..
Our pumpkin letting us know she is getting too big for her bed..

Alexis- thank you for taking care of all of us. You are getting us all stronger and getting us through each minute of each day. We love and miss you dearly.. Love- mommy, daddy and your big sister Mackenzie. 

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