Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 Days and Counting..

Today marks the 3rd day our little Mackenzie has been on the cpap machine. this is a huge thing as the last time she only lasted 24 hours.. She has been doing so well on it. she has been on the lowest settings possible for it and her stats have been really good with very very mininmal drops. The cpap machine has little nose prongs instead of having to put a tube down her mouth like the ventilator. It's less envasive but it makes it still a little hard to hold her but if there is a will then there is a way.. I tried yesterday but Mackenzie has become such a wiggler that she kept wiggling  her prongs out of her nose.. But then last night, Mike her RT gave us a new way to hold her, although it wasn't kangaroo, we still figured out another way to hold her and worked around her cpap tubes.. wahoo.. but today we got Becky as her RT and we got to kangaroo for over a hour today. She did so good.. It was a little more difficult but it worked out and she just did so well..
Kanagrooing with the cpap.. wahoo..

Also in the past three days we are so please to announced that our little pumpkin put on some weight.. Last night she weighed in at 2 lbs and tonight we are so estastic to report that she gained 2 more ozs. So she is currently at 2lbs 2ozs, or 950 grams. She has gained 80 grams in two nights.. so super excited.. They are slowly reducing her iv fluids to where hopefully she will be on nothing but breastmilk. She still isn't doing to well on her bowel movements but hey they can fix that when need be. :0) Her feedings have been upped every hour. She is at 3.6 cc's every hour which currently she is getting feed 6 hours out of a 8 hour time frame..
Although Alexis has left us physically, she is so with us in spirits through Mackenzie. Before Alexis passed, Mackenzie was always the one that didnt thrive as well as Alexis, but now you know Alexis has passed on her everything to Mackenzie as Mackenzie has just been thriving since Alexis has become our angel..

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