Saturday, September 10, 2011

Band of Brotherhood and Family....

Growing up in a asian family and only a family of 4 and not around any military/law enforcement influence, i never saw or truly comprehended the meaning of camaraderie. Nor were we use to having such a large family. Our friends made up both our extended famiily as we grew up.  But now since Scott has been with the Lexington County Sheriff's Dept. for four years now and being on the SWAT team, our law enforcement family has truly defined the meaning of camaraderie and has proven that you dont have to be blood related to be family.  The Law Enforcement Family not only looks out for the communities but they also look out for their own and we are so glad to be a part of such a big family.
The department/SWAT brothers have offered so much support.  It's not just a place that Scott works at, it is truly a home. The entire departement has offered so much support and has band together with so much generoisty and so much love. Even ones that Scott doesn't work that closely with as some other but to the department that isn't a issue, they all stand as one. They have also worked it out to where Scott is going to be transferred back closer to the region near the house as I still can't handle being alone very long by myself and if something else was to go wrong he is closer to hospital as well. To top off such support of family, when Alexis passed, Sheriff Metts attended her funeral to pay his respects as he has kept up with our pregnancy every time he saw us. I mean, who works for a company that employes 300-400 people and can really say that their boss will attend the loss of a love one? not that many..
Our SWAT brothers are such true brothers and I know Mackenzie is going to have a very hard time when it comes to her first date night. They love us like no other. When Alexis passed, every single one of them came to her visitation and/or funeral. A few were there on her final days to show support, they all wanted to be there but there was no way we could get them all in the NICU and because all of it just happened so fast, not all of them had a chance to meet her. I could see in their face that our hurt was hurting them also cause they have so much love for us. Even our SWAT brothers in Beaufort County graced us with such generosity without ever meeting me and only meeting Scott I think once.
Scott is also in a law enforcement motorcylce club called the Blue Irons and they are all over.  They have show such support. The New York chapter- thank you very much for your donation in memory of our daughter to the NICU, part of the georgia chapter drove up for Alexis's funeral, food was sent from one of the Illonois brother (sorry if i get the state wrong, i'm going by memory), other chapters have sent cards and we haven't met any of these other chapters yet. 
Our band of closest friends has given us all the love that they have always given and you guys know who you are that are reading this.  Although they know how much pride i have and how not receptive I am with them working behind the scenes they finally said no to me and have gone so way above and beyond.
To all you guys- THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US..

I wasn't sure if i wanted to blog about this because i have a lot of pride and they kept me in the dark as they knew i wouldn't be as receptive, but I felt that the Department, Our SWAT Brothers, and our band of Friends put so much work into this and I have apparently gained so many readers with my blog i wanted to share.  And this is not something that we wanted as I have too much pride and I feel that just because everything has happened to us, it doesn't make me any different from anyone else  but they all band together and helped the only way they knew how since we wouldn't give them any other options on how to help. They have all put together a fundraiser for us to help with medical/funeral cost. Please see flyer below. Also what is not included in this flyer as there is apparently another flyer just from the SWAT guys, they are doing some sort of push up/sit up.. some sort of manly thing to raise money also the same day. (i think it's like you know those things that you pay for however many miles you can walk, or how long you jump rope-that sort of thing)


  1. This is wonderful. I'm glad you have such a wide range of support. I know it's hard, but accept it. Sometimes, people want to help and it's all they feel like they can do.
    Crystal (Katie's friend)

  2. Just wanted to let you know Erin is so proud of all the support that has come "out of the woodwork" as she and Sallie worked with LCSD and SWAT to get this organized. Your blog has touched many in my office as well. I have displayed the flier and just wanted to let you know that sometimes this is all some people can do to help and they most sincerely want to. Just accept God's comes in many forms...this is one of them.

    Love you all!