Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm telling you, the universe is against me..

Our little pumpkin didnt seem like she was having a good night after she got the broviax catherer out  but we thought that maybe she was just a little annoyed with everyone messing with her. She continued to swing a good bit last night when the doctor came in  so they ordered some blood work because doctor said that sometimes when the central line gets taken out there could be a little bacteria at the end of the tube that can then disburse into the blood system when taken out which will cause an infection. So far the blood work came back negative but Mackenzie just did not have a good day today. She got a little pale last night so that is normally a sign that she needs more blood so needless to say, she got a blood transfusion today. Which kind of made me sad because they had to stick her today to put a iv in  (which was just sucky cause they took out the central line just last night) but then again I would rather them have to give her blood and that be the fix than there being an infection.  The blood transfusion normally does the trick but this time around it seems like it took a little bit longer.. When her night nurse came in, she noticed her tummy was looking a little full/swollen which is always a concern to Scott and I as that is a sign of NEC, which is what Alexis had and caused us to lose her. But they think that she is just getting too much air in her belly and that she needs to poop so once again we are waiting for poop and she also got another tube put into today to help vent soem of the air from her belly.
She didnt gain any weight tonight as she actually lost. She went down 20 grams which made her now 2 lbs 4 ozs but it's ok as we figured she would have after all her blow outs just the day before. She has been on her tummy since we got here tonight so that seems like it is helping relieving some of the her belly pressure. She hasn't dropped too much since we have gotten back so that is a good sign. Dr. Yajink just made her rounds for the night and her tummy is going down a little bit. She doesn't see a cause for concern yet. She also said that they might reduce her oxgen flow from a 3 to a 2 which is a semi good thing. They said that if she doesnt  have too many more swings tonight then they are going to try it cause she is only really low pressure anyways so they they her being at a 3 could be the cause of the extra air pressure.  So we will see how tonight goes..

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