Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend roundup with the First of many..

Sorry fellow blogging friends, I know i went the whole weekend without any updates but i didnt get the chance to be much around the computer but boy ole boy will i make up with for it with my weekend round up. This weekend was the first for quite a few things and I'm excited to share. The only thing I wasn't excited about, it was my first weekend without my husband as it was his first weekend back to work in almost 9 weeks. That was a little hard but I survived..  A little scary but i did it.. So here we go..

Friday: Our little pumpkin had another eye exam. Dr. Clark is now saying that she might actually be regressing a little bit with the ROP. He said when he looked at her eyes he sees more retina developing which is a good thing but then that means if more develops and she still ends up at Stage 3, then our only option would be to do the laser surgery. So she gets another eye exam soemtime today and hopefully the ROP is still regressing. It's kind of crazy to all of us because last monday Dr. Clark was pretty confident that she was devolping to stage 3 pretty quickly and it was only a matter of time before we had to do treatment on her but now he is saying that we are just going to let her be for now and keep following up with her so that is semi good news...She got to come off the nasal cannula on thursday but because of her eye exam and her jsut being worn out from that, she had to go back on it friday but she is on the lowest dose possible of what she can be on without being completely off of oxygen.  The kidney xray came back and it checked out that all is normal so that was a sigh of relief. And i know, i know what's the weight.. but i'm saving that for last.. :0)

Saturday: Pumpkin had to get her first series of shots. (vaccinces) The only good thing about these was that since she is in the NICU care they dont have to give them to her all at once, so she only got one this day and then the other 2 the next day. But goodness gracious.. That was so hard looking at the needle and Scott wasn't there so needless to say it broke my heart , but I didnt ball like i thought i would but i guess it's because i didnt have to hold her down or watch.. But moreso than anything, we have such a BIG GIRL, and she is such our little fighter, how about she did NOT even cry out. She let out just a little sound at first but then after that she just rolled over and went right to sleep. That helped a lot that our little pumpkin didnt even cry.. They were able to get her some tylenol so that also helped ease all. But she also loved the fact, and this just go to show how much these nurses love their babies, her nurse was Tonya over the weekend and she just loves her Tonya, but you could see how much it broke tonya's heart to stick her and Tonya was even brought to tears because of her first round of shots.  But she loved that tonya loved her some after wards and that always makes her feel better.
But HUGE news break.. Saturday was also the first day our little Mackenzie took a bottle. OMG.. I got to be there for the very first time. (i'm not able to give to her yet because they have to make sure she does ok taking it and that she doesn't have any heart rate drops or anything while doing so.. ) Well i'm so happy to report that our little pumpkin took to the bottle with no heart rate drops or oxygen drops. She only got 11 cc's down in 16 mins (she was at that time on 26 cc's a feeding) so that was not bad at all. That wasn't the whole bottle but it's ok for her first time. We were just super excited that she didnt have any drops of any kind and she actually took to it. It was so exciting to watch.  She started getting a little fussy by nightfall because her shot was getting to her so I got to hold her for a bit and  they had to give her some more tylenol and she was at peace the rest of the night.

Sunday following in to Monday mornings report: Round two of shots. I love Tonya because she actually did it pretty early in the morning before I could get there which was fine becase she had to get 2 of them this time and I just dont think I could handle two.. But needless to say, Tonya said she did so great with no cries again or anything. I didnt get to make it to church since Scott was working and I really didnt feel confident in myself to go to church all by myself. But I still went and sat with Alexis for a bit during some of the church service. That's how i always feel anyways when i'm there sitting inthe pew, that she is sitting next to me for sermon so i figured I know i can go and sit with her by myself so I did during sermon hour. I love her presence she gives me and I truly hope she doesn't leave me. I know at some point she is going to have to because I think she is going to make us do in on our own but I truly hope she doesn't.
Mackenzie had more of a fussy day i guess with both shots bothering her. I didnt get to hold her as much as she just wasn't happy and just wanted to stay wrapped up in her little bed.  She got to come on and off the nasal cannula all weekend. They still left them in her nose but they just turned them off for a good bit of the weekend. She mainly needed it at night when she was feeding, but she is working her way on coming off of it.
As always, you guys know Sunday means measurement day. She did not gain anything in length which is suprsing but it's ok because she can't be taller than mommy till like shes in her 30's. :0) but she did gain some with her head size as she is now 11 cm in head size.
Drumrooolll:She weighed in at 3lbs 4 oz's last night.. wahoo.. she is back on track for her 1 oz a day track. So if she stays like that, can you guys beleive that she wiill be 4 pounds in say about 2 weeks.. We are just jumping for joy with excitment.
We talked to Dr. Coates yesterday as well and he says that she is doing really good.. He said as of right now, ther eare no more test scheduled for her, just her normal bloodwork each week but that she is doing really good. He upped her feeds to 27 cc's for 30 mins every 3 hours.  We also finally heard offical word on Alexis's autopsy. The doctors thought there could have been a blood clot that contributed to how Alexis got NEC so quickly but it came back that there was no clot so now we are just back to the unknown of how the NEC formed so quickly. We may never know but needless to say, we can't stop being scared because come to find out, although Mackenzie is progressing so well there is still a chance she can get NEC. We thought as time goes by that she was out of the running for it but apparently she is not due to her prematurity. So we gotta get praying and just keep taking each day for what it is until the next day. He did say that her chances are slimmer but there is still a chance. NEC is unexplainable all around. There is no 100% preventable way nor is there a 100% treatable way.. We just have to keep montioring and just put it all in God's hands and hope he doesn't take another angel away from us.

But to end on a good note and not on a sad one.. When I went in this morning, Nurse Cheryl told me such exciting and wonderful news. Apparently Mackenzie is going to take after her daddy when it comes to feeding. She said that Mackenzie was just a screaming close to her 12'o clock feeding (she has been showing signs of fussiness more when it's feeding time) but since she was awake and active Cheryl decided to give her a bottle. How about our little pumpkin took the WHOLE bottle in 16 mins. That's 27 ccs in 16 mins.. She said that she had one little heartrate drop at first but after her first 2 swallows she figured out what it was and went to town. She also said that she burped her 3 times and in her first burp it was so big that she startled herself. Cheryl said that she just stayed awake and looked up while taking the bottle. Oh how i wish i was there but what can you do.. we just can't believe she took the whole thing.. She has another eye exam today and hopefully if she is not to worn out from that we might get to try another bottle today, if not then there is tomorrow.

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