Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mackenzie is such a little stinker..

Boy oh boy is our little pumpkin a stinker. Scott and I try to kangaroo her for a hour each day and yesterday was my turn. We now alternate  days as they say it's better to hold her for a complete straight hour instead of interupting a hour of holding her. Well my little stinker decided that it was time to give mommy a suprise and boy did she.. I had to change her right then and there in my lap as we couldn't leave her like that for a hour.. We are so glad to hear that the breastmilk is taking to her real well and that she is having some good poops with it. Scott called in to check in on her today and the nurse said that she had another one and while she went in to chnage her, she found out real quick that she still wasn't done. I guess she has now branched out and decided to not only do that to her daddy but now share with her nurses.
She had lost 20 grams on monday over the weekend but we are glad to report that she has finally gained those grams back and she is now up to 2lbs 5 ozs. We hope to see some weight gain tonight. She is slowly working her way up there.  She is currently on 2.5 liters of oxygen flow and seems to be mainitaing it well. She hasn't has much swings lately except when she decides she wants to pull out her tubes.  She is constantly keep her nurses and rt busy because when she is not pulling out her feeding tube, she is pulling out her nasal cannula. We even got her some mittens and she is still mangaing to wiggle out her tubes.. It was too funny today as I got a picture and they have now resorted to trying to use longer pieces of tape to keep her tubes in, i haven't gotten my afternoon report yet to see if it worked but we will see.  I dont think it did knowing her.
Our little pumpkin peacefully sleeping looking all innocent. But you can see how big pieces of tape they now needed to put on her to keep her tubes in and from her pulling them out.

I know we have not been posting that many pictures lately as we know people are enjoying them but please know its not that we are not meaning too but after Alexis passed it's been a little hard for us. All picures we have taken have been truly sacraid to us and we have had a lot of emotions sharing the pictures. We are being very protective right now. It's just kind of a hard feeling to try to explain but we are slowly coming around.  I've been reading other peoples blogs who have lost a child and I see how they still post pictures as all the pictures tell a story. And i know my girls have touched so many and I plan to keep that going. Its just going to take mea  little bit of time so just please bare with. 

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