Monday, September 12, 2011

Just a quick afternoon post..

Today is my first day back to work in 6 weeks. This is the only other place that I've spent this much time in outside of the NICU. (heck i dont even stay long at my own house). I woke up at 3 to pump and just couldn't go back to sleep so needless to day i got ready to go to the hospital and Scott was not happy about that. I love that he cares so much and pushes me to sleep but he knows once i get it in my head, there is no stopping me. My NICU family couldn't believe that i was up there by 5 but i want to spend as much time as i can with her since i had to come back to work.
I always said that when my child grows up and goes to their first day of school, I wasn't going to be that parent that cried. I felt like that parent today leaving their child behind for their first day of school adn needless to say when i got to the car, i cried and i've cried 2 other times at work as well.
She was so peaceful this morning. She had a good night and from what Scott has told me, she is having a good day. She has reflux now but they said that is common even with preemies and since she is now up to 9 cc's a hour, which is a decent amount for her, they are just going to let the reflux run it's course.  Scott got to have daddy time with her today and he said she did really well. He also gave me the good news that the reduced her oxgyen flow from 3 to 2 which is awesome.. I cant' wait to get back up there and get mommy time with her... Oh and we have had poop so things are looking up for now..

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