Monday, October 10, 2011

A Lasting Tribute..

Since Alexis passed, I get neverous everytime i hear my phone ring, but thursday I finally got the call, well the only call i've been waiting on. I finally got the call that Alexis's headstone has been completed and installed. They told us it would take 6-12 weeks but they got it done in about 5 weeks I believe.
I can't thank Memorial Designs in Lexington enough for their grace in handling all of this with us. Picking out her headstone was just as hard as anything else we had to do with laying our little angel to rest. But Salley and her husband was able to help us make the hard decision and got us through the whole process with such ease.  They were able to sit there and put all the ideas we had on the computer and draw it as we described and made changes where need be.   I did ok until I got to see the final design on the computer.
Her beautiful headstone is the last physical thing we can add to her beauty and we are so happy to have it finally installed. We hope that we did Alexis proud and that she finds it as lovely as we do of her and it.  We love and miss you dearly baby girl but you will forever be in our hearts and you will be forever our angel.