Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's always something...

I blog in such a funk this morning and i'm not even quite sure where it came from. It could be just being tired and the combination of seeing pumpkin unhappy this morning and not being able to really fix it.  She is in for a day of poking and prying and it just breaks my heart to know she is going to have to go through that and I wont be there.. She gets another eye exam today so hopefully we will know the results of that this afternoon. She also has to get another ultrasound again today. Now they are concerned about her gall bladder. They said the ultra sound from the other day to check her liver looked good but her gall bladder looked a little enlarged. Dr. Coates called a GI doctor and that doc said since they did the ultra sound right close to one of her feeds, it could have just been the food. So now she gets to skip one feeding depending on when the ultrasound tech people come in and lord knows when that is. If it still looks like a issue then she is going to have to run through a series of blood work/testing and hopefully it wont turn into anything disease/infected like.
As of last night, she weighed in finally at 3 lbs 5 ozs.. She is right at 1500 grams. I am excited to report though also that the day before yesterday when i got to kangaroo her, she started "rooting" (that is pretty much where she is sucking on my chest thinking it's where the supply comes from. ) So the nurse told me to just go ahead and try to breastfeed and see happens, and pumpkin just latched on. I couldn't believe it. It was the craziest and awesomest thing. She hung on and just fell asleep for a while. I wasn't able to give much as i just pumped before i got there as that's my normal time so we got to try again yesterday and she didnt take so well. But that's ok because it's going to take some use to getting to on both ends so as of right now,I'm going to get to try everyday at her 6' o clock feeding.  She is still doing so so on the bottle as well. Right now she can have 2 a day but since we are going to try the ninnies, she can only get one bottle a day. They have increased her feeds to 28 ccs.
This morning when i was with her she was just so unhappy.  She had such whimper cries and she just couldn't get suitated. So i took her out and just rocked her for a while and that seemed to help for a little bit but she was still restless. When i put her backin her bubble and RN Faye got her better suitated it was the crazinest thing, but i just looked at her and I saw Alexis in her face. They weren't suppose to be identical twins since they were in two seperate sacs but it was just the craziest thing. I hope its a sign letting me know that Alexis is still keeping watch over her and not the oppposite.

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