Monday, October 10, 2011

Well Pumpkin tried.. till another day..

The easiest way to get to the NICU at baptist, you have to  come off the elevator which is right in front of one of the nursery. So needless to say everday I come and go, I always have to walk by people who are so overjoyed with the newborn, and they all have cameras, ballons, etc.. The new baby sits in what they call a "crib" and is all out for display with joyous people. Then i come to the NICU doors to which you have to get buzzed in, once in, you have to scrub in then here lately, it's been quite hallways. You walk by private rooms that are majority of the time are dark so that the baby does not have a lot of stimulation and to mimick the womb. The parents and vistors in each room dont have cameras, ballons. The baby is not out for display,There are only allowed 4 vistors per room..Its a totally differerent atomsphere mainly with the quite sounds of the unknown.
So when pumpkin got to make it to a "crib" this weekend, I was so overjoyed but i had to keep it contained to our room. Scott and I were over the moon. We actually got to put clothes on her for the first time. Needless to say they dont fit but that's the best we can do for now. We hit up two walmarts to get her enough outfits as I didnt have the right ones. (They can have onesies, but they also need socks and pants, or they have the outfits that have legs to which i had none but one outfit like that, and it even wasn't washed yet) I havne't had a chance to wash all her stuff yet as most she can't wear and we still dont know when she is coming home. So needless to say, I couldn't believe i was washing clothes for her.
We were so shocked to see they were even considering her for a crib but apparently she kept getting hot in the bubble and she was already on room air so they figured it was maybe  time to give it a try. And we ar epretty sure the fact that is is spoiled has nothing to do with her getting her way either. :0) She was not happy saturday unless you held her... I wonder where she got spoiled from.. mmm. :0)

My nightly hold next to her new bed..

Mommy time..

But awesome as it was, Pumpkin had to go back in the bubble today. They said this morning she wasn't maintaining her body temp and she has been a little wimpy since last night so they put her in for precaution sake. She had to get more blood today so it made me sad as i knwo that means a iv which she has been doing so good without having either. They said she is just burning to many calories probably with trying to keep the heat so it just wore her out.. But we are so proud that she gave it a try for 1 1/2 days. We can only keep trying.
She is now up to 3lbs 8 ozs but we will see if she lost tonight since her body has been working so hard it has burned off so many more calories. Plus the new scale is quite different from her bubble scale so we will just have to wait and see tonight.
They have upped her feeds again to 30ccs so that's always exciting. She is still having reflux but in time with they will pass hopefully. Her gall bladder ultra sound came back and said it was "unremarkable" so in other words, means there is nothing of any suspious anymore.
Her eye exam went well i guess you could say. Dr. Clark is saying now that the ROP area is looking a less inactive so it just has to run it's course now.  but instead of 2 a week exams, he felt confident that she would only need one right now. So we wait for wednesday. 
But our little pumpkin keeps trying new things each day and although she succeeds a little bit and has to go back to plan a, all that matters is that is trying and is just getting prepared to come out of it all...

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