Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin update

Well not too to much to report yet. Mackenzie is still weighing in at 3lbs 11 ozs (she lost 10 grams though but hopefully she can bring back up). They increased her feeds to 32 ccs now. She is still in the bubble which i think they are going to keep her in until she reaches 4 lbs but that's ok becuase i think she likes the fact of being all spread out compared to being a little burrito (being swaddled).
She had some lab work the past two days and her blood culture is growing something but they are not quite sure if its' an infection or not. Her blood level to test for infection is low still right now and they say she is not showing any signs of anything so they say the longer we go without hearing anything with the culture the better so, so far  nothing.
Her eye exame was today again. They still want to check her once a week. She is still in stage 2 zone 2 but Dr.Clark said that it looks like more retinia is growing which is what we want as it pushes out the bad stuff. He said that if it keeps doing that, it looks like she wont be neededing treatment so needless to say, they will be back on monday to check.
But overall they say she is doing really good.. We just gotta keep waiting for her to grow..

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