Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Team Barber

Someone recently told me that it "takes a tribe to raise a child".. Boy o boy what tribe Mackenzie has. Since our journey has begun we have had nothing but the utmost support/love from so many near and far, people we know to people we have never met. Our closest friends and our work family has come together in such a powerful way all for our little girls that we are left speechless and comforted by it all.
This past sunday, Oct. 9, dear friends/Sheriff's Dept/SWAT team, all came together and hosted us a Benefit fundraiser at Lexington high school. They sold Hudson's BBQ, raffles, dunk booth, bouncy house courtsey of Jumpree,  bake sale,face painting push up-thon and live entertainment from various groups.
We can not thank everyone enough who came out and worked, donated, spent their time to help us through our difficult time. I GREATLY AND WHOLE HEARTLY APOLOGIZE.. for not being there as I was not able to still face a lot of people. Scott attended for a short time and he just told me it was amazing.
Last night the "organizers" of the group minus 1, Erin Derrick,  Holli Adams, Sallie Buice,  and Jesse Lantiz (absent but in spirit) presented a "check" (and i put this in quotation because it was a fake one as the bank account they set up for the girls will remain open for quite some time). Because of our "tribe" that has come together, they managed to raise over $14,000, minus the expense for food, our "profit" was approx. $11,000.Yeah Scott and I are still trying to pick up our jaws from the floor.
We truly can not thank everyone enough that has sent us monetary donations directly or through other cause like the yoga benefit that Doug Graul put on at his chuch, or all the people at Trinty UMC that gave us a "love offering".. It has been quite overwhelming and we can truly feel our lives being wrapped up in everyone arms and know we are not alone through all our pain and joy. 
Extra thank you for those who worked the benefit:
erin and chris derrick, holli and rich adams, tim and sallie buice, katie and jayson harrison, karen- jordan and chasity rieger, jason and nicole sword, virasith simmalavong, seng thanabousy, james watkins, amanda phillips, timmy and kirsty fraiser, brandon baughman, lilly knight, ashley russell, brittany-dave and chantel griffin, lauren rickman, paulette, lynne stroy, lynette radford, tonya wells, hannah carr, regina norhcutt, tina bullis, nicole rusiyak, joy jacobs angela church, and the LCSD SWAT team.

Thank you to the vendors/people who donated for the raffle:
jeni rone and se star arts boutique photograpy in charleston, scott moore- artist/illustrator, lorie mcgraw-handmade art cards, jen gurley-artist, alicia white-photographer, cas wrinkles-smock dress, cotton grill restaurant, alodias cucina restaurant, catch 22 restaurant, kingsman's resturant, flight deck, creative nails, aquaris spa, nicole blackwell-avon basket, vanities salon and spa, rejuvenantions, hair and nail salon, rebecca glendinning-pure recovery shake, maegan edge-premier jewelry, emilie thompson-custom tutus, paracord, southern charmed boutique, christie tull-custom tutus, brandon lindsey-picture of usc baseball print, spring valley country club, lexington guns and shooting range, wingard's nursery and garden center, woodlesy garden center, super sod, the karate dojo, whomeever donated the johnny rocket kevlar boots (anoymous), ed edge-guitar lessons,  lads and lassie, fox farms, tara webb-tastefuly simple,whit-ash, fraiser tire service, jumpree, mr.shorty tattoo, birddog apparel, Mrs. Claus, Post No Bills, Hampton Inn and Rivers wind landing..

To the people who entertained:
Sortova Tragety, Stephen Mathis-karaoke, Capital City Cloggers, The Karate Dojo, The LCSD SWAT team, Jason Dalton

And again a huge thank you to everyone else who i may not have put on this list as i'm just going off the list from the organizers.. again to all the people who gave whether it was monetary, their time, the baked goods etc.. Our family is truly blessed to have such a tribe and I can't wait to watch Mackenzie grow up with this tribe.

The t-shirts that got made for the event and that were sold there, these are the girls actual foot prints (the front also has prints plus benefit logo and date)

Dad with some of his SWAT brothers

LCSD SWAT team doing their push-up thon

SWAT Operator going into the dunking booth

Bouncy houses

So many backed good items

Face painting

Assembly line for food...


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