Friday, November 25, 2011

We had turkey..

After much debate and the last minute decision, Scott and I finally decided to host Thanksgiving. We normally host every year but we were scared of having all the people int he house with Pumpkin this year.  As much as i wanted to keep her safe i also in the same token wanted to get back to our life semi. So much has been taken away from us this year, I didnt want our first holiday to be taken away as well as we wont take Mackenzie anywhere except to doctor appointments, and if we didnt host then that means, there wasn't much of a holiday for us. I needed this day so we made it clear to everyone though, that no one was allowed to come into her room and we kept the door shut from everyone.  We have had alot to be thankful for but I still felt a sense of emptyness. the holidays are going to be hard but in time i hope they become more managable. Scott finished up our curio cabinet we got for all of Alexis's things and it was a perfect touch for me on the holiday.
But thanksgiving went off with a bang. We had a large crowd this year, some 15 people. so much wonderful food from everyone and then we went and saw Alexis. It was late and dark but I still wanted to at least see her for a lttle bit for the day.  The morning was spent cleaning house and cooking and partially napping as i didnt sleep the night before.
I knew Alexis was with us because  Mackenzie has not pooped since Friday and so I tried prune juice and she did nothing but spit that all up, we even tried a suppostory and that didnt work. So needless to say, when we went to visit Alexis, i actually asked her if she could let her sister have a bowl movement because seh really needed it. Well for her 9'o clock feed,(and this was about a hour after visiting Alexis)  wahoo.. she had a huge blow out and even during her feed so needless to say we now have a tummy feeling better happy baby..
I'm so happy to report also that the apple worked for our lung doctor. I would have given this man a hug if i wasn't holding Mackenzie so instead he settled for a air high five. We get to see Dr. Trey Brown with USC etc etc.. (pretty much we live in 9 Medical Park now down by Richland Hosptial) He let us come off the pulse ox machine. That was so exciting as that machine was getting worse. She kicked it would go off.. needless to say i was on the verge of throwing this thing. For my sanity sake i was so about to do whatever it took to come off of it because i'm not quite sure why we were on it and it kept me up more than  anything.  He said her lungs sound great so for now we are going tow ork on getting her off the other two machines. We also got a awesome treat when visiting this doc. We got to see one of our other favorite semi NICU nurse who we didnt know when we would see again. Dr. Clark (eye doc) has a assisant i guess you could say that came to the NICU with him and that was Ms. Sharon, and we thought we would see her when we go and see him but she only does the NICU with him and handles the synigias shots as well and apparently the lung doc offices is the same place we get her synigias shots at (rsv shots) so now we get to see Ms. Sharon every month still. We heard her voice around th.e corner and had to ask if that was her and sure enough it was.. We were alll happy as we love sharon.
Mackenzie is doing ok on the formula/breastmilk. She is still refluxing but not as much. But also it's a lot thicker also. We go and see the GI doc next week as they finally called and made an appointment. We are hoping to see some weight gain come tuesday when we go for our weekly visit with Dr. Cope. Either way to me, she looks bigger... she has come a long way from 1 lbs 6 ozs to where she is now. Oh and also we got to stop the home health nurse for now. All they were doing were weighing her which was pointless because we had so many doc appts anyways where they were weighing her. Plus they always called the day of and then gave us like a hour windown of when they were coming. We will pick up the home health though again when we dont have to see Dr. Cope every week but i dont mind that.
Scott is finally feeling better which i'm excited because i got to do some black friday shopping this morning. I traditionally try to do the whole 3 am thing but this year i just couldn't do it. I was so tired i couldn't get out of bed but finally around 8 i stumbled out and scored on some toys for later one for her. It was weird seeing harbinson quite on Black Friday. I was in and out no problem.
We have 3 doctors appointment this up coming week but they are spaced out a little better.
Well good night to all and to all a good night.

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