Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Angel Our Saint..

Although our precious Alexis is not here with us on earth she is truly watching over us and she is letting us know that in so many ways.
A month ago our church, Mt. Hebron UMC sent us a letter stating that they were going to have a All Saints Sunday. It will be where they will be honoring all the angels who got their wings this year and told us they would like to honor Alexis and if we could write a breif summary and just a few pictures. We sent it in and it just slipped my mind until now as the whole every other sunday due to Scott's schedules has got me all messed up.
Well this Sunday, Nov 6, will be the All Saints Sunday service where each angel will be getting a candle and there will be a little video of all of them. Please feel free to join us at the 11:15am service as we will be honoring our little girl. Mt. Hebron United Methodist Chruch- 3050 Leaphart Road., West Columbia.

But to even make it more special and touching and i know Alexis is nudgeing me.. but duh, sunday starts the new week right, well also Monday marks the day we get to take Mackenzie home. Yep that's right, Monday is the big day. So we get to honor our Alexis in a special service on Sunday the day right before we get to bring Mackenzie home. I have been scared all week not so much with brining Mackenzie home but more so in just starting a new routine with her because i'm so use to the NICU routine, but we are going to be ok. Alexis is going to guide us in the direction we need to go and we are going to be ok.

As our final days are winding down in our NICU world, we just have a few more things to do. Today Scott and I get our training on teh apnea monitor and on the oxygen tank. She will have to come home on both for a while. We have to do our overnight stay and make sure we can take care of her on our own. And as long as all that goes well we will get dishcared on monday before lunch time they say. We already have 2 doc appts set up on thursday and a series of other appointments that we will know once we get our discharge papers. Its hard to believe in 3 days, we will finally have our baby home..Mackenzie is currently weighing in at 4lbs 10 ozs. We are excited to say that her ROP went down to a stage 1 in her right eye and it is still gone in her left eye. She is now up to 48ccs of feed.They had to up her dosage as she is having to come off the extra calories as it's something we can't take home with us but she will also still remain on the rice ceral.

And again, we will not be having any vistors over for a little bit as we need our time to bond and also we are not taking any chances of anyone being sick and allowing her to catch anything. We know everyone wants to see and meet her but in due time... Our focus is her health and care and that is our number one priority.  

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