Sunday, November 20, 2011

Heart update

Pumpkin had her cardiologist appt this past thursday to check up on her pda. We saw Dr. Williams with USC School of Med. etc etc.. According to him, her pda is moderate compared to where it started out but he says that it's still to big to where he thinks it wont close up on its own. He said that it should have had made better progress by now but it doesn't look like it is.   So now we go back to him in 2 weeks and his concern is for her to gain some weight first,. He said that if she could reach 10 pounds then we will go to MUSC and have a catherer procedure there for the pda but if she doesn't reach the 10 pounds then we have to get the actual pda surgery. I'm not quite sure how long he is giving us for her to reach 10 pounds but he is pretty sure that she will need treatement one way or the other. Her weight is going to play a big role on which one we get done.. so now we have to wait until we go back.
This week we are not going to have a happy camper as we have back to back doctors appt mon-wednesday. she is a popular girl this week. we pretty much see all the doctors possible this week pertaining to her so I will have better updates late rint he week.
Thank you to all the moms who reached out to me after my last post and told me how it was ok.  Its hard to feel that i'm not alone  althought i'm not but it was nice to actually hear that it just wastn' me as being a first time mom. It was much needed words so thank you.

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