Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If only the apple would work..

I wish that old saying "an aple away keeps the doctor away" was all it took. It seems like we add a new one each week. I normally dont mind them as much as that is about the only time we leave the house or just for a quick run, but this week we have them all back to back as everyone wanted to see her before the week is out. And everyone will be proud that I gave myself a little bit of time this past week with friends. I went out to the opening night for Breaking Dawn with the girls. Had a little aniexty at first but catching up with them was really awesome. then this past sunday was our dear friend Lynne's birthday so  i meet up with everyone for dinner as daddy stayed home and sent me pictures. I'm a work in progress but it's happening slowly but surely.
Monday rounds of doctors consisted of Dr. Clark for her ROP and then her peditrician just for another check up. although we will be seeing Dr. Cope every week for a little bit. We are excited to report though that Dr. Clark said her ROP is at a Stage 0 in both eyes. It's not 100% but he thinks that in our next visit it should be completely gone and that will be our last visit with him. We will lose him as a doctor but then we gain Dr. Cheeseman for regular eye appointments. The peditrician visit went about the same as usual, althought he wants us to now see a GI (gastral doc)as her reflux is resticting her from gaining wait. So we also got to start supplement with a formula.  which is ok with me because i'm slowly running out of breastmilk and my pumping is slowing down. And anything that she needs to gain weight i will do. She currently weights still at 5lbs 1 oz..She's only gained about 2 ozs since being home which is not good but hopefully she will start gaining soon with the formula.
Today rounds of doctors consisted of the dietian and the endiocrologist.  The dietian wants us to up her formula and gave me the "recipe" on where she needs to be at and also added a mulitvitiam that so far Mackenzie did not like so we tried another brand so we will see. The endiocrologist pretty much said that Mackenzie doesn't exactly have a thyroid issue but the past few times they have tested her, her levels have been up and down so they think she is transic which means she is very borderline so just to air ont he side of caution they are going to go ahead and treat her until 3 years of age as that is more of the official age to see where  a child is at with thyroid. She thinks Mackenzie wont have a thyroid issue but she just wanted to go ahead and treat. We will see them abotu every 3 months to make sure her dosages are ok as she grows.
Tomorrow we get to see the lung doctor. So hopefully we can just keep staying on the monitoring track..

Overall she has been doing a lot better with sleep.. Daddy is currently under the whether again so it has been a little extra tiring but i'm doing it.. My pumpkin is home and whatever it takes so be it.. although daddy has to go to doctor appts with me as i can't carry her monitors and oxygen. To me although she is not gaining weight on the scale she is looking like a little chucking butt to us. She is being more active during the day and sleeping pretty good at night. She is being more fiesty when she doesn't want to eat so that's really been the only trying thing. Well that and the monitors. The monitors have gotten worse as they switched them out this past friday as they will do every few weeks. Well since the new monitors, and we dont know if the other one was just defective or not, but her apena monitor/heart rate(brady as the doctors call it) has been going off a whole lot more. And for those who dont know what they sound like, When either one happens, there is a pierecing beep that doesnt stop until she self corrects.. You can hear it outside pretty much. We told Dr. Cope and he said most likely her heart rate drops are being caused by her reflux and that possibly the monitor prior was just defective. Heres to hoping the formula controls her reflux to where she keeps the food down and to where the montior would shut up. :0)
Well until the next doctor appointment and next update. I'm off to sleep for a hour since daddy is sick, mommy is on al lnight feeds..

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  1. Why is formula the option for helping with the reflux? I thought formula increased the possibility of reflux since human milk is more easily digested than cow's milk and therefore doesn't stay on the stomach as long reducing the chances of it being emptied back into the esophagus.