Monday, January 23, 2012


So since my last post, not to much has change.. well sort of..Pumpkin is just growing more and more each day and every day i stare at her i always notice something different. Pumpkin has now figured how to suck her thumb. Kind of. She gets it most of the time but then other times she doesn't get that she has to let go of her thumb and index finger and she tries to get both of them. Still super cute regardless.  Her eye lashes are just getting so long. I'm so jealous of those as she gets that from daddy.  She is still such a daddys girl its crazy. She can be so fussy but yet I put daddy on speaker phone or he walks in the door adn she just looks around for him. She tries to figure out where he is. She is still sleeping so good during the night which is so amazing. She is still eating about 3.5 ozs every 3 hours.. Hence the chunky legs. :0) I can't get over that she is actually in size 1 diapers now. To come from a preemie xtra-small (ill try to post of pic of that later) which was still too big for her at birth to now be in a size one and not even 6 months yet is just blowing my mind.
I can't believe my stinker reached over 8 pounds. I was giving her till feb  to be 8 pounds but now i think she will at least be almost 9 by then. She gained 14 ozs in two weeks.  She is such  a little ham.
Tomorrow is our big day and first road trip. We go to MUSC (medical university of south carolina) down in charleston. We hope to get some treatment answers from them as we really havent got clear treatment answers from the doctor in ohio. heck he hasn't even called to talk to us. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.OUr appt is at 930 so we plan on leaving no later than 630 am so this should be interesting.
I've been hanging in there. I feel like i have had some harder days but this past monday i met with some angel mommies and had dinner. They are truly some amazing women and I am so blessed to have them in my life and to have their support and love. So many people have lent such kind words and support buts its just different until you have walked these shoes. I talk to some angel mommies as well over email who have reached out to me and most day's  i can get through (thank you allie- you mean more to me than you ever know for us to have never even met) but to actually sit with angel mommies was a totally different experience for me. But it was what i was needing i hope. They showed me that their is a rainbow after the storm and i think i'm finally beginning to see it.
I know Alexis sent them to me as i meet with these lady as i met with them on her 5 month anniversary.

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  1. Saying prayers for you and your family! I sure hope everything went well at MUSC and you are getting some answers!