Friday, January 6, 2012

Formula does a body good..

Just wanted to do a quick update real quick as all we had yesterday was a follow up with dr. cope.
We are so excited to report that Pumpkin weighed in at 7lbs 3 ozs.. Shen went from 6lbs 5oz to 7lbs 3 ozs in just two weeks. We are so excited and just keep hoping she can keep it up. Dr. Cope said everything checked out ok and things are looking good and just to come back in two weeks.

Thanks for those who have commented to me about the Ronald Mcdonald house. Makes me feel a lot better. Still waiting to hear. Called yesterday and the lady said it might be next week before we hear. She said though that because he didnt make any notes that means that he didnt feel that it was something that needed to be seen asap so i guess that's a good thing.
One of my dear friends, sister, works at MUSC and she reached out to some of the doctors there and come to find out, there are doctors at MUSC who do this same procedure that was described to us so they are wanting to take a look at everything as well to see what  can be done and maybe closer if that is the route we decide to go. The treatment from what they told us is called Scleotherpay. So crossing my fingers all across the board and am totally touched by my dear friend Nicole for reaching out to her sister and her sister reaching out for us without us even knowing. We love you guys so much. Now we just wait to hear what all doctors involved have to say.

Pumpkin in her little snow suit ready for the day.(this was this morning)  not quite sure why i can't flip this pic as it's flipped on my computer.. mmm. well enjoy her cuteness anyways.

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