Monday, February 20, 2012

Wahoo.. Treatment

Sorry that i didnt post sooner as far as treatment goes but it was one tiring week. Scott ended up getting the stomach bug and of course it also had to be on Valentines days so needless to say i was home all week taking care of him, trying to get the house sterile so we didnt get it all the while taking care of Mackenzie as well. So needless to say, i was pretty tired. Although Scott was miserable in bed he still managed to not forget Valentines day.. He hates that day because he thinks it stupid that they make a big deal out of one day just to tell your other one how much you love them when he does it 364 days out of the year.  But he mangaged to put a box at the end of the bed that was already wrapped and this is what I opened.
My beautiful necklace in honor of my precious angel. This gift by far is the best gift ever and it touches my heart every time i look in the mirror.

Also despite everything last week, Mackenzie had a meeting with her Step Ahead  Coordinator, Kathleen, who we so love..and look what Pumpkin did. We are so excited. We have to keep practing but i'm so glad i got it on video and she did so awesome.

sorry it's sideways, for some reason i had more problems loading this go around.  Enjoy

So on to treatment.. As most knew we had a appointment with the cardiologist on Thursday.. And just incase we haven't already told you guys which i'm sure i have, i have to say it again, We love Dr. Luther Williams. He was so ready to start treatment but here's why we can't start it until tomorrow. Well first thing was, we apparently have to go and pick up the medicine first, then take it back to them because they have to adminster the first dose. (yeah it's just like giving her her prevacid but ok whatever) Well then apparently after we give to her, we have to go back in 48 hours and they are going to connect  her to a ekg machine for 24 hows to see how or if it is effecting her (this is something we will be coming home with).. Well with it being a thursday, we couldn't go back in 48 hours as they are closed on weekends and then today being a holiday, we couldn't do today.. So tomorrow we start. she will be getting .65 ml of propranol every 8 hours so it will be 6,2, and 10 are her times so we have to go back tomorrow to see Dr. Williams so they can give her the first dose at 2. Still not sure how long she will be on it but her eye is still coming and going.  So i'm ready and can't wait even though all we are doing is giving her medince but still. I"m just happy to finally have a plan in motion.
Here is a pic of pumpkin this weekend. We finally got to try some jeans and they semi worked. She is so like mommy, can never find the right jeans. :0)

She weighed in at 9 lbs 1 1/2 oz at the cardio office.

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  1. I hope the necklace will bring you whatever you need to continue the process of moving on and finding a new normal. I saw on tv once where a woman was having a hard time dealing with the loss of three babies (born in separate years) and the doctor suggested carrying around three small pebbles in her pocket. Each one was for one of her children that she didn't get to watch grow. Whenever she was thinking about them or feeling sad about them she could put her hand in her pocket and feel that they were with her. The goal being that she could go on with her daily life and not carry the guilt she felt around with her all the time. Eventually she was able to put the pebbles in a bowl on a bookshelf in her house. She was able to make peace with her life and become a happier person everyday. She could be herself again and not second guess herself or question herself and be the person she remembered being. She was able to heal and have some closure.
    Good luck with Mackenzie's treatment!