Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkins 2012

Our church did family night about two weeks ago and i'm just now getting around to sharing these pictures.. Scott was out of town this weekend so we tried to get out and do as much as we could to keep us busy and our minds off the fact that daddy was gone for the first time since the girls were born.. It was quite different but i was very successful in staying real busy and the weekend just flew right by..

I really do not know why these turn the way they do.. sorry.. If someone can tell me how to roate them on the blog that would be awesome.they had to be rotated when i saved them.. maybe i shouldn't rotate to save them from the download of my iphone.. mmm..


  1. I love pumpkin patch photo shoots. Since the Harmon Tree Farm closed down we had to find a new pumpkin farm. There was another one close by, so we took the kids to that one, but I miss Harmon's. It's just not the same. My son now wants to grow our own pumpkins, he wants 100 or 1000, depending on the day.
    Mackenzie looks amazing with those pumpkins, love the pictures.

  2. You and Mackenzie have been on my mind lately. So I looked up your facebook page. So glad to see that your family looks to be doing well. She is just a-growing. Hope everything has been going great for you during the winter season and our current spring weather.