Friday, November 2, 2012

A different Halloween

Its still so hard to look back and see that it was only last year we were spending Halloween in the NICU and sorting through candy that people had brought us and also the big bag we brought up for the NICU nurse. To us it was still just another night spent in the NICU while the outside world was having fun, living their lives.  I scrambled to find something to fit Pumpkin as we e finally got to put clothes on her so of course i had to dress her up..I knew i wanted her to be a pumpkin only because of how fitting it was but i also wanted something for daddy as well and i knew if we were to ever have a girl, a Duke cheerleading outfit is a must.. So I scoured the internet trying to find stuff small enough and found that people with preemies also used Build-a-bear outfits.. I was like no way.. But of course.. it fit our little pumpkin.
I couldn't believe when i saw the little cheer outfit, that was the closes to Duke blue that i could find but it was perfect then Auntie Katie found her the perfect little pumpkin outfit..  She loved the pumpkin oufit.. she layed in it for quite some time actually..

This year, she got to be batgirl. I wanted to think of something different but also something that related to daddy.. For those that dont know, Scott's SWAT Team logo is the batman symbol, so I thought, how fitting she could be "batgirl".. :0)  (and also cause the wives of the swat team are named "operatorettes" since the boys are "operators" so we have batgirl shirts as well- so she also got to be my little mini me..hehe)This year we were quite busy with Halloween stuff but pumpkin didnt get to go trick or treating quite yet because she was actually sick. We had to do trail of treats before and the weather was just completely horrible so needless to say she caught a little cold, but we stayed home and handed out candy which she seemed to enjoy looking out the glass door..

I know my little pumpkin has come so far and watching her everyday never seems to amazing me.. but when i put pictures together, it still brings such tears to my eyes.. It melts me in so many ways it's just indescribable.  So for those who have followed our journey from the beginning, I hope you enjoy this picture as much and it melts you the way it did me..

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  1. That itty bitty pumpkin outfit is darling. I love the batgirl shirts. So cute, and fun. I picked up my girl a batgirl costume for next year, daddy got her a batgirl mask for Christmas so of course she needs the outfit. I had sort of planned to take my kids to the trail of treats but we got busy running errands and missed it, so I took them to a trunk or treat later that evening. Maybe next year. Hope Mackenzie starts feeling better quickly.