Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh the crud

Well the crud has infected the barber household times 3. First daddy gets sick. He goes to doctor on Tuesday and starts his meds. Mommy gets sick Thursday and goes to doc, gets two shots in the hiney and calls it a day. Pumpkin gets sick on Friday and goes to doc. Thank goodness for insurance. Well if not a week later daddy and daughter want to both copy each other and both get worse and both end up back at doctors a week to date both with sinus infections. Lets just say one tired mommy. Well as daddy and pumpkin start looking on the upside , my bronchitis decided that it was only taking a mini vacay and boy did it return with a vengeance. So needless to say I ended up back at doc this past wed feeling the worse I've ever felt in a long time and since I just had the "quick fix" shots a week prior, it was too soon for me to get them again. So needless to say, I was in bed from we'd till this past Sunday. Oy vay, we are all looking up on the bright side. I just can't shake this nasty cough I have and pumpkins is more so teething.
We can see two little white teeth on her bottom gums but they have still yet to break free. She is crawling more like she is a master pro at it but more so also she is trying to stand up on her own. She is pulling up on everything and she lets go for a bit but loses her balance. She will now also walk if you hold her hands which is the craziest thing.
Hopefully next post I can figure out this new iPad and how to save pics from my Fb page and I can shoes her lastest peek a boo pic to where she is now beginning to stand/pull up.
Besides all the sickness, all has been pretty well in the barber household.  Haven't had much chance to do or focus on anything else but hopefully soon.. Can't wait to share pumpkins Halloween outfit so stay tuned.  :0)

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