Thursday, September 20, 2012

And heres to surgery..

We went for our follow up eye appointment this past tuesday.. and yaay it was with Dr. Cheeseman. He ended up going to MUSC which is not a bad drive for us at all but we would follow that man anywhere.  We went to the goose creek office which is about a hour and half give or take traffic. He is quite please so far that the tumor has not come back being off the meds now for almost two months.. But now he wants to do a "surgery" to help correct a weak muscle from the the tumor and her prematurity in the right eye. If left untreated she will be crosseyed in the long run. What he wants to do is go and cut under her eye, pull the weak muscle back and pull a stronger muscle over it. He said that if the weak muscle continues it's just going to tell the brain that it doesn't want to work anymore thus the cross eyed look. It will be a outpatient surgery, done in about a hour or two and he said she should bounce back by next day.  We go back in nov for a follow up or we can decide to go ahead and do surgery.
We have the option of trying to continue to strenghten the muscle by her glasses and patching but our strong will child is having nothing to do with either. So most likely surgery is in our future. I've spoken with other moms who have had the surgery and they have had good results and its not as bad as it sounds.. But you know us and the word "surgery" just never sits well nor do i think it ever will..  It will always be in the back of our head of how we were told Alexis needed to go in for surgery and not even a hour later, we get the bad news.. I think life stops for a brief for scott and i everytime we hear that word..
Overall pumpkin is doing well. She has had a little crud this past week but Dr. Cope said that it's not settling in her chest which is a good thing but it's a combination of her still teething and just a little virus going around. I actually had to make my first "sick baby" appt last week because she just had this little congested cough and daddy and i have both been sick as well so wanted to be safe than sorry. It was so weird and i felt like such a bad mommy cause i actually sat in the "sick baby" area as well at the doctors office..  For those who dont know, most peditrician office has a "well baby" area and a "sick baby " area.. i"m glad though we were the only ones in that waiting area and we got called back pretty quickly.
I did feel pretty proud though when we got a nurse we haven't seen in our past few visits here (we had her early on) and she was amazed about how big pumpkin has gotten. She weighed in at 15lbs 12 ozs..Hard to believe that i will have a 16 pounder on my hands before i know it.  She has been eating so well and i've even been given her table food. only soft stuff though that she can still mush as no teefeys have come in yet.. She loves her some puffs and her mums mums as well..
She is crawling all over the place now and she thinks mommy is a jungle jim when it's time to lay down. She is pulling herself up way more and has also figured out how to turn around in her high chair thing that attaches to the table and stand up in.. Lord help us..  :0)

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  1. Before you know it she will be climbing on top of the counters from the floor and watching you and you will have no idea how she did it. Sick babies are not fun and make you feel like a failure because there is nothing at all you can do to make them feel better. Now that my kids are older I feel they can handle it better because they are bigger, and makes me feel better that they can tell me what is wrong. Surgery is scary but she is older, bigger, and stronger.