Friday, September 7, 2012

Sergeant Daddy

Sorry that it's been so long since my last post. it's been quite the month. A lot has happened so to speak and then time has just not been on my side..  But most recently and it's because i want to shout it out... I am so proud of Scott and all the work and time he has put in  and through all that lifet has thrown at us, his hard work has paid off. Last friday, Mackenzie and I made our morning call to daddy to check in with him.. and he just nonchalantly said, " Mackenzie, you can call me daddy  sergeant now" and i was like what.. huh..

Yep, Scott got a promotion. He went from Master Deputy (next after sgt. on a shift) to Sergeant over his own shift.. He started this past wednesday and boy did they move him quick. He is a little bit further away from home but we couldn't be more proud of him..  We love you so very much Sergeant Daddy. So be safe out there..
Sergeant Barber

Pumpkin has been doing good. The last I weighed her on the scale, she was 15lbs 6 ozs.. She is eating so much more these days.  She only cares for the bottle in the morning, the rest of the time, she could careless. She wants her baby food and rice ceral and her puffs which she has now figured out how to eat properly.  She is crawling also.I really thought she would walk before she crawled but apparently she is a electronic baby and took off when i put the dvd player down on the floor with her.. I can't upload the video for some reason. :0(
She still wont keep her glasses on, but we go to Goose Greek  and see Dr. Cheeseman in two weeks so that will be good to get a update with him and to see where we are out. So far the tumor doesn't show signs of reappearing as she has not been off the meds for a little over a month. She has now gotten to where also she wakes up in the middle of night and wants to lay with mommy so needless to say i give in so that i can get a few hours of sleep.. Overall she is doing really good.. still being a little diva. We got to do our first parade this past labor day. Scott and his motorcycle club road in the chapin parade so we tagged along and rode in the truck and threw out candy. She had a blast but it was so hot.. she was just stinking cute as always.
We have a new biker babe!!

Hanging out before it all begins..

I love my daddy time..

I want to drive daddy, I want to drive

As most of you guys know as well, last months was Alexis's anniversary.. I took some days off from work just because i really and truly didnt think I was going to be able to cope. It was hard knowing that it has been a year and that we had to celebrate her death/life at her grave marker and not have her in our arms. I really thought i was going to wallow and just stay in bed all day.. But to my surprise, I wasn't. She was with me the whole day and she kept pushing me to get up. She pushed me not to be sad. She pushed me to get up at my usual time and feed Mackenzie and with doing that and having Mackenzie in my arms, it made me rejoice because to hold her and to just stare at her, she has come such a long way and that's what we need to rejoice in and not be in saddness because although Alexis is not on earth with us, she is living with and in us..

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  1. Congrats to your husband! That is totally awesome.
    Mackenzie is so cute and looks like she enjoyed the parade.
    I am also glad that you are moving along in life. I am looking forward to your future postings.