Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Can't believe we have come a full year for our girls.. Still seems like yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital.. We celebrated their birthday in full diva mode.. We had a swim party although it go rained out pretty much, i dont think that stopped anyone from having a good time as we had so many people that came out and celebrated with us. We ran out of amazing food that we got catered from Bailey's Eatery in Chapin and Mackenzie loved her cake. Needless to say she was pretty wiped out and we are still working on opening up all the toys she got.
We are also happy to report that we also had our one year check up.. So not cool as she had to get shots.. Mackenzie is weighing in at 14 lbs 10 ozs. She is completely monitor free and medcine free. We officially got cleared from our cardiologist. (not sure we are going to know how to act not having to go every 30 days) So life is still pretty surreal right now that we actually have a "normal" baby..  Thank you to everyone who loves us so much and still continues to give us so much support as we still continue on this life of parenthood.. The day has been bittersweet as any celebration is i think from here on out, but as you will see in the pictures we still incoporated our sweet little angel alexis.  Im not looking foward for her annivesary to come.. I wish i could just take two ambien's and not get out of bed but i know that's not a option.. (sorry for sideway pics.. i dont know why it does't that)
Birthday Food..

Balloons for Alexis- our friends wrote messages we sent them to her..

True Diva.. :0)

She loved her cake..

So excited to see some of our NICU graduates that came as well..

They all were in the NICU together and now look at them..

Birthday time with sissy..

Daddy and his girls..

Mommy and girls..

Our family birthday message to Alexis..

Had to go and visit the nicu on their birthday..

This truly touched me as this is the memory board in the nicu, and as we were chatting with one of the nurses, Mackenzie reached back and started touching their names..


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  1. Looks like such a good time. Thanks for sharing those.