Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally.. some new post to come..

hey everyone.. sorry it's been the longest delay ever since my last post.. so much has been going on and to not comply it all into one post, i'm gonna do several over the next day or two so please stay tuned.. But this post will just be a update with regards to scott's dad as a lot of people have prayed for him and for everyone involved.. This is mainly also why I havne't been able to blog much.
Oh where do i ever begin.
Scott has been super super busy at work and then when he is not at work he has been with visiting his dad and trying to handle his dad's affairs which is like a whole nother job in itself. so it's just been me and pumpkin for the past few weeks and boy has that been exhausting.. And poor Scott, he is such my rock and forever my best friend as i know things have been stressful on him and i've been truly exhausted with everything and everyone knows i dont do well with stress and exhaustion so needless to say, scott got the short end of the stick with me.. I love that man so much for putting up with my craziness and still loving me for it.  But now we have a better plan and things are beginning to not be so stressed and exhausted on both our ends.
But back to his dad. I swear, i've never seen a hospital jerk you around so much compared to the one his dad WAS at. Scott got back to back phone calls to where one day, it was looking like things were getting worse, then the next day, he was moved out of icu and into a "regular room".  One we were called in to talk about hospice care to now his dad being in rehab.  They told us that he wasn't going to move out of icu, the only move that would have been done was to move him to the hospice tower when the family gave the noticed but then the next morning scott got the called that he got sent to rehab.
A few weeks backs, his dad did end up with low blood pressure, and a fever so they took him back to a lower level icu. They went in and did a "clean up" of his throat area to try to get more of the secretions that were building up in his throat from not being able to swallow and all. They also put in a feeding tube which all that was success.  After the "clean up" he appeared to be talking a lot better to where you could understand him a lot better. But not long after that is when the social worker and the hospital lady (they have a name but totally forgot what it is, but she was like a representive for the hosptial) well they wanted to schedule a meeting iwth us and that is when they told us that we have two options . 1) try to get him better to where a rehab facility would take him or (keep in mind, he had to be suction out every 2 hours due to the build up of the secretations- but because they had to do that, no rehab facility would take him) or 2) go ahead and move him to hospice, which would be pretty much everything they were doing in the hospital.
So they gave us a few days to think on it and we thought it was all a better idea to go to hospice as we didnt know how long it would be to get him to rehab and with hospice room.,we could make it more homey for him and Ryan (his youngest son) could visit because where he was, no kids under 14 allowed.  So that was on a thursday or friday i believe.
so jump to the following tuesday, scott gets a message as he was handling somethign else and couldn't get answer the phone, "oh yeah,your dad is being moved to a rehab facility".. we were like what? huh? you guys were just telling us we to look into hospice and all.
So long story short, Mr. Barber has been in a rehab facility now since last thursday. He is doing really well. He can talk more to where you can understand him. He still is unable to have a lot of movement in his left side but he will be doing physical therepy 5 days a week. He finally got to sit in a chair also last week. He has lost 60 pounds but i guess that's to be expected consideirng he hasnt eaten in a month. Overall things are beginning to look up with regards to the stroke but still with regards to the cancer, they are still not giving him long. The way it was described to us is that  pretty much its his entire right side lung, it's moved to parts of his left and it has also moved to the throat area.  But his dad has proven to be a fighter and he is kicking the strokes butt right now and hopefully that will get him to where he can come home for a little bit and we just do what we can to cherish and enjoy whatever days we have left with him..

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