Monday, May 21, 2012


hello friends. I know i said i would get caught uptodate on all the latest news with pumpkin but as usual, Scott and I can't catch a break. Although we thought all was going very well with Scott's dad, he unfortunatly passed on May 12, 2012 at 6:10 am. Scott got a call at around 230-3 am saying his dad was being transported to the hospital from the rehab facility because he started vomiting and that his heart rate dropped and blood pressure went up (or vice versus) either way it wasn't good. Scott went to the hospital, and apparently his father had stopped breathing in the ambulance so they had to intabate again while in ambulance.  Finally after about 2 hours scott finally got to go back and they said the cancer has spreaded to his brain and he had apparently caught phenmoina again. Due to Mr. Barber having a living will stating he did not want to be on a ventilator if it was the end, they had to respect his wishes and shortly after taking him off, he went home and got to go and see our sweet Alexis.  Its a very bittersweet time for us because Mr.Barber never go to hold the girls and now he will get to hold our sweet angel above for eternity. And now Alexis will get to know the grandfather she never got to know.

And thank you everyone for the "1st mother's day" comments/messages but with scott's dad passing the day before and with all that has gone on. I didnt get a mothers' day.. Yeah it sucked but totally understandable.. I just wish all my "first" moments would stop getting taken away or just turn into something else. I just wish i could just have my "first". But scott knows as well and i told him there is nothing that will ever be able to compare tot he angel necklace that he got me for valetines days. i dont think another gift will ever be able to top that and the importance of my necklace. But me and pumpkin and scott got to lay in bed all afternoon and that was good enough as it was just us and the peace of home for a little bit.

In short i will try to get up to date soon but it will be here and there again as there are some legal issues now that we have to take care of that i do not wish to elaborate on right now but pumpkin is up to 13 pounds, we started babyfood, we go to eye doc on thursday and hopefully a mri here soon to confirm if tumor is gone or not.  Overall she is doing great and can't wait to get some more pictures posted soon. Till then...

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