Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anger well written..


The link above, please click on and read..I had to share/repost because the past few months for me has been a huge struggle/journey..A lot has happened that has just filled me with so much anger and this article just sums up so much..
It angers and saddens me with so many people over the last 9 months to the point where i just want to tell them to "burn in hell".. But I believe everyone's karma will have their day, just not soon enough for me.
Oh yes I have a lot of anger because still trying to deal with everything I get more bs added to my plate and people actually had the odasity to judge me and "label me".. 
I knew I wasn't alone in life on this journey , just sad those who i thought should have been there to back me, only stabbed me in the back with a jagged knife..

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  1. Hi July! I read the article you posted at the top. It took a little work to pull it up, but I was eventually able to read it. It is a very powerful article and I can see how you would find it to be exactly what you need. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great rest of the week. I know you will be busy planning a birthday celebration soon. Wishing you much happiness as the next few weeks unfold for you.