Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MRI report is back..

We finally got all the specifics this past friday and althought it wasn't the greatest news we were expecting it wasn't all too bad either.
They said that the tumor is still present but that it has shrunk a great deal. They said that it is still wrapped around the inside and outside (in the orbit area) and still compressing her eye, but the good news is, is that her eyeball is now aligned with her other eye, it's no longer protruding. They say that she is farsighted so now she will be getting glasses and they should be here sometime next week so this will be interesting to see how she keep them on. They also said that her right eye (tumor eye) is a little weaker than the left eye and they think it could be due to the tumor so now we have to patch her eye for 1 hour each day to help strengthen her eye.
So now on to the plan: For those who do not know who read this who love Dr. Cheeseman, he is leaving at the end of the month. Him and the university could not see eye to eye so he is leaving and we are not sure where he is going quite yet. Last i heard, penn state was in the runnning but no confirmation yet. So we will now have to be going to Charleston to the Storm eye center to see Dr. Wilson as that is who Dr. Cheeseman feels comfortable with and who he wants us to continue to see. Mackenzie will stay on the medication till she is at least one (which can you believe will be next month) and then they are going to take her off of it to see what happens. She will have monthly monitoring still and we will just go from there. Dr. Cheeseman said that from the research he reviewed, kids over the age of one who were still on the medication had greater success of tumor not coming back compared to kids who came off meds too early. So hopefully another month and half will make tumor go completely away but only time will tell.. If it comes back, then we will just repeat medication again.  So hears to hoping we dont have to go through that. We are currently waiting to hear from Dr. Wilson's office as to when our appt will be so not sure when we will go back for a follow up.
Pumpkin is a little over 14 pounds now. Overall she is just doing so good.. She is sitting up so much more on her now. Still havent' seen the teeth/tooth that keeps nagging her to come in yet. She is always giggling and spitting her tongue out at us so much more. She actually got to ride in her first buggy ride last week without her carset and totally loved it. she just bounced and smiled at everyone.I took her in her first stroller walk though and the jury is still out on that one. She is still not wanting to attempt the crawling thing yet but in time just like everything else.. :0)

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  1. Time has gone by quickly. I am so glad to hear that Mackenzie is growing.