Friday, June 29, 2012

Chicken Little..

So have you guys seen the really cute little movie Chicken Little? it's got the little super cute chicken in it that wear's glasses? Actually i dont think i have seen it fully but i just always thought that the little chicken was just the cutest thing ever.. (i know you guys are going to giggle and tell me how wrong i am but you will see how so right i am. just google chicken little).. hehehe.

But needless today.. Pumpkin reminds me of chicken little. She got her glasses last thursday and suprisingly she leaves them on and alone. The only time she really begins to bother them is when she is tired and she always rubs her eyes when she is tired so she doesnt really know the difference ya know.. but i'm quite impressed with how she doesn't bother them. I think she likes them.
See.. Chicken Little..hehehe.

And it's made her into a rocker.. :0)

We are still waiting to hear from the new eye doctor on when we start to see them. I'm gonna give them through next week as this is Dr. Cheeseman's last day so want to give his office enough to get everything transfered. So hard to know we wont be seeing Dr. Cheeseman anymore who has been so amazing to her and us.

It's even hardered to believe that tomorrow our little Diva's are 11 months old.. In one month, they are going to be a year.. wow.. i'm already starting to cry just thinking that it's been a year already.. wowo..

She will always be daddy's little girl regardless of how old she gets.. (this is how i came home and found them one day)


  1. Chicken Little is cute and so is Mackenzie. She looks so spunky! Love the last pic, like two peas in a pod.

  2. Happy Birthday Mackenzie and Angel Alexis!!!!!