Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas..

Christmas was really hard for me and i just couldn't get into the spirit of things. I did the family thing but that didnt last long.  With everything going on and all the doctor appointments, it just made all the days run together so that added into it not really feeling like christmas. And as any day though, it just never feels right to celebrate because im missing Alexis so much and it was suppose to be both my girls. But just wanted to share with my blogging world our Pumpkin's first official christmas picture. We hope everyone had a bless Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Barbers

Mackenzie, Christmas 2011


  1. My 11 year-old daughter has been praying for Mackenzie to be able to come home for Christmas every since I first told her about the girls. We are so happy to see that her prayers were answered. Even though we don't know you personally she continues to pray for strength for you and your husband as well. We hope and pray 2012 will be a very blessed year for your family.
    S. Caughman

  2. Merry Christmas (ok, I"m late) so Happy New Year. She is just beautiful.

    Crystal (Katie's friend)