Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Sorry blogging family.. It has been 7 months or so since I last checked in..wow.. where has time gone..I apologize for being disconnect, I have had to deal with some personal issues that I dont want to divulge into but it has taken quite the toll on me over the past few months and i really just needed to take time to step away from things for a while. Things continue to still be a day to day journey but I'm better.  I hope to get back on track with life, blogging/updates from here on out.. Since the girls were born, life has taken on a whole new journey of "self journey" that I never knew i would have to take or could handle.. But the girls are with me everday and that's all I can ask for.... so enough about that.. wow.. I have 7 months of catching you guys up on Pumpkin so here goes..  We have quite a few milestones/amazements that have happened now.. So hold on.. here we go..

December we had pumpkins eye surgery.. We are still traveling to Charleston to see Dr. Cheeseman who is still amazing.. Pumpkins surgery was done at MUSC so me, my dad, and Pumpkin went down the  night before so that we didnt have to get up so early.. The surgery was to correct her "crossed eye" look (mainly where her right eye was turning inward-i forgot the medical terminology- but its common in preemie babies) but when Dr. Cheeseman went in, he found that both eyes needed to be fix and that there was actually more tug on her left eye. Pumpkin did so wonderful. It was hard because I had to watch the nurse carry her away to prep her and it took about 45 mins for surgery all together then about a hour in recovery and to home we went. The next 5 days, pumpkin just needed drops in her eyes and she bounced back pretty quickly.. There were no issues with/during/after surgery. We had a follow up 6 weeks after and got the clear to now get check ups every 6 month.. wahoo.. We dont have to go back to Charleston until July. But overall Dr. Cheeseman was pleased with surgery and Pumpkin will no longer wear her glasses so we shall see in the next year or two to see if we need surgery again..
Pumpkin right before surgery..

Pumpkin the day before surgery, this was right before we hit the road, this was her first time i ever saw her play in a shadow and it truly took my breath away..

Pumpkin after surgery, on the way home..

December was very busy for me, between getting ready for Pumpkin surgery, my dear friend Tricia getting married as to which i was a bridesmaid, and the other stressers in my life, we also had 1 of two big first.. First big first.. Pumpkin had her first haircut.. :0(.. I really did not want to cut her hair but after surgery her bangs just kept getting in her eye and i didnt want it bothering it anymore  so off to my stylist we went.. Pumpkin had her first haircut.. She hated it.. She liked she got a sucker but when she started cutting, you thought it was the end of the world..
her before and after, of course with her sucker..

I dont want to overload all her cutest i in one day so ill leave it on this her first hair cut day.. and i promise, i will start updating much better over the next few days on catching up and getting to where we are today.. enjoy for now and sorry again for falling off the grid..

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  1. A welcome surprise! :) I do hope that there are good things for you in the future and that you receive continued blessings for you and your family.
    That first haircut is the toughest. I vividly remember my son's first. My daughter just turned three and has never had a haircut. I wonder how long that will last?.